15 Proven Health Benefits Of Spanish Olive Oil

health benefits of Spanish olive oil

Proven Health Benefits Of Spanish Olive Oil

Did you know that olive oil is one of the most natural and healthy foods that exist? This is mainly because when processing any single chemical used processes only mechanical processes. Spanish olive oil is super healthy and can also help you take care of your body and heal insect bites and wounds. How? You can read that here.

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How to make Spanish olive oil

Olive trees hardly harm the environment and only grow on land that is not good for agriculture, for example. At present, olive oil is the only oil that is pressed and is not obtained by heating or by chemical products. So very healthy. Olive oil is not only used in the kitchen, but it is also a popular tool for use in, for example, cosmetics. Olive oil is very good for your skin and hair.

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Making olive oil is a complicated process. It depends on the region and the region in which the olive trees stand. Olives arise from the pistils of small white flowers on an – naturally – olive tree. They bloom in May, the olives can be harvested in the fall. This is possible, for example, by waiting for them to fall from the tree themselves, as they do for Spanish olive oil. It sounds strange, but the olives get a high acidity, so they are not immediately suitable for eating. These are the somewhat cheaper olives that are often used for beauty products or soap.

The traditional way to harvest olives is relatively easy. For years a sort of large comb has been used to harvest the olives. The branches are, as it were, combed empty and the olives fall, in special cloths or nets. This way no branches or leaves come with the olives. This technique is mainly used with small trees. Also, there are now many automated ways to harvest olives. There is a vibrating machine that shakes the tree and there are automated scrapers.

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The pressing of the olives

After harvesting, the olives go to the press in crates. There the olives are washed, stripped of all impurities and ground between two gigantic millstones. A pulp is then formed which is evenly distributed over wicker mats. The mats are stacked layer by layer and the package goes under a (hydraulic) press. This way all olive oil is removed.

You get the first pressing in no time. The second pressing produces less good quality oil because the pulp must be heated to get the last drops. Small olive farmers still use this method, but usually, it is no longer done.

Water and oil are extracted from the liquid. The oil is filtered again and stored in dark bottles. (Sun) light has a major influence on the oil and soon affects the quality. In a dark bottle, you can keep the oil well for a year, then the quality deteriorates rapidly and it is no longer as tasty. The residual product that remains is used for cosmetics.

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Types of Spanish olive oil

Different qualities can be distinguished in the olive oil:

Extra Virgin Spanish Olive Oil:

This is oil from the first pressing and of the highest possible quality. The oil must not have an acidity higher than 1% and must have a perfect color and taste. This oil is perfect for cold use.

Virgin Spanish Olive Oil:

This oil is slightly lesser than its predecessor and has a slightly higher acidity. But the taste and color must be perfect. Virgin olive oil is somewhat cheaper and suitable for frying.

Refined olive oil:

This is olive oil with the least quality, cheap, and often a blend of the virgin. But not a good mix.

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How healthy is Spanish olive oil?

You probably already knew that olive oil is very healthy for you. But if they ask you what it does exactly, do you know what to answer? Probably not. These are all 15 benefits of Spanish olive oil for your health:

Protects against cardiovascular disease.

This is because Spanish olive oil reduces the amount of triglyceride in the blood. Too much glycerin can cause blood vessels to clog, so you better get rid of it.

Spanish olive oil helps to reduce blood pressure levels

Olive oil lowers your blood pressure, which also reduces the chance of brain disorders.

Helps to fight against different kind of cancers

Good olive oil can delay the development of breast cancer. Also, a diet with olive oil and vegetables reduces the risk of certain cancers by 75 percent. It also protects against stomach cancer and ensures that your liver functions better.

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Olive oil is a good detoxer and detoxifies your body.

The fatty acids of olive oil help reduce the levels of the famous bad cholesterol, eliminating toxins and substances that our body does not need. In turn, it is excellent to combat constipation, its fasting consumption manages to lubricate the digestive mucosa.

Helps to reduce rheumatic arthritis problem

When you combine olive oil with fish, the chance of rheumatic arthritis is reduced by 80 percent.

Good source of vitamin E

Olive oil is a good source of vitamin E and antioxidants. Vitamin E or tocopherol is a fat-soluble vitamin that is found naturally in certain plant-based foods. Olive oil is very rich in vitamin E since 100 grams of olive oil contains approximately 12 mg of this substance (and the daily needs of an adult are 15 mg).

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6 best foods to eat for clear skin
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Health benefits of Spanish olive oil for skin

Do you have dry skin? You can take good care of this with olive oil. First, do some fine white granulated sugar on a washcloth and remove your dead skin cells. Rinse everything and rub your skin with the best quality olive oil. You will notice that this will give you a baby soft skin!

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Perfect makeup cleanser

It may not come to mind, but olive oil is perfect for taking makeup off your face. Even the most solid mascara disappears in a few strokes with olive oil. So why would you still use chemical debris to clean your face?

Olive oils help to make your skin healthy

Your face benefits a lot from olive oil. Put a small drop on your hand and rub it over your face. Pat it with a tissue to remove the greasy and ready! You will see that you get healthy skin in return.

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Foods that promote hair growth
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Olive oil health benefits for hair

Do you have dry hair? Put a few drops of Spanish olive oil on your hands and rub it through your hair a few times. Do not use too much, because then it will become fat.

A great source to reduce dandruff

Do you suffer from dandruff? Coat your scalp with olive oil a few hours before showering. Your scalp will become softer and you will see that your rose is a thing of the past!

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Health benefits of olive oil for sunburn, insect bites and minor wounds

Also, sunburn, insect bites, and minor wounds can be healed with olive oil. Apply some and leave it uncovered. Your skin will heal faster and the itch will be gone again.

Olive oil for baby’s diaper rash

Do you have a baby with a diaper rash? Olive oil prevents and fights it. Useful!

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Use Spanish olive oil in the kitchen

With cooking, you can always make the best use of vegetable oil. Below that, you have different types, for example, olive oil. Olive oil contains good polyunsaturated fatty acids and these are essential for the human body. The body cannot produce these fatty acids, which is why we call them essential fatty acids.

Not all olive oil can be used for hot cooking. Olive oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and they transform when you heat them. As a result, only a small temperature rise can be damaging to quality.

You can still use the oil, but the health benefits have been canceled out. Even toxic substances can be released, so always use the virgin quality in the kitchen.

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Use Spanish olive oil in cold kitchen dishes

When you eat cold, you can choose the best quality olive oil, so extra virgin olive oil. If you do not heat the oil, the antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids will not be affected and it is, therefore, optimal for your health!

You should have at least two types of Spanish olive oil in the kitchen: extra virgin olive oil for the cold kitchen and virgin for the hot kitchen. And there are also variations, such as nut oil.

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