Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Constipation

Natural ways to get rid of constipation

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Constipation

Constipation can also be caused by improper diet, medication, lifestyle, and illness. Most people have no cause for constipation. Many nutrients can be used to ease constipation.

Sesame Seeds:

Sesame Seeds are best for relieving constipation. The grease in the sesame lubricates the intestines, making it easier to relieve constipation. Add the sesame seeds to your salad. Or add in seasoning by grinding.

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Fiber: Natural ways to get rid of constipation

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Fiber works by emptying the intestines and cleansing of waste material and food. This nutrient  Improves the digestion of the system. To eliminate constipation, add 20 to 35 grams of fiber to your daily diet. High-fiber diets include beans, pulses, wheat, almonds, many vegetables, and fresh and dried fruits. All these things eliminate constipation. If you consume more fiber due to constipation, drink more water along with it. So that the stool is softened and easily removed.

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Mint or ginger tea: Natural ways to get rid of constipation

Both mint and ginger alleviate stomach problems. The menthol contained in mint provides relief to the stomach by removing the stomach cramps. The effect of ginger is warm, which increases the heat in the body which accelerates the digestion can drink  Tea of mint and ginger to speed up digestion and relieve constipation.

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Healthy Fats: Natural ways to get rid of constipation

Olive oils, fruits, and avocados contain healthy fats that lubricate the intestines and eliminate constipation. Green leaf salad also eliminates constipation by mixing olive oil and parsley or applying a teaspoon of peanut butter on a toast.

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Lemon Water: Natural ways to get rid of constipation

The citric acid in the lemons stimulates digestion, which helps toxins out of the body and eliminates can  Drink lemon juice in a glass of water or can include in herbal tea. Drink this daily in the morning. This refreshing water will not only relieve your constipation but also increase your urge to drink water, which will speed up your digestion system.

Coffee: Natural ways to get rid of constipation

Coffee stimulates the intestines and relieves constipation. Other hot drinks do the same. Herbal tea or hot water mixed with lemon juice or honey also eliminates constipation.

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Raisins: Natural ways to get rid of constipation

Raisins also contain tartaric acid along with fiber which eliminates constipation. According to one study if you eat 4 Oz raisins daily it will help you to prevent constipation. Cherries and apricots also have fibers that relieve constipation. To get the most benefits, eat these fruits with a cup of yogurt as the probiotics contained in yogurt soothe the stomach.

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Dry figs

Eating dry figs improves gastrointestinal health, contains high levels of vitamin B, which strengthens the cholesterol level in the body while also helping to digest food, which can also help to prevent constipation.

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Dry Dates

Dry dates contain fiber which helps to digest food and helps to prevent constipation.

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