High Blood Pressure at age 30 to 40 is dangerous for mental health

high blood pressure is dangerous for mental health

According to one study, after reaching the age of 35, people should monitor their blood pressure. Because it is very important for mental health later in life.  Research shows that the ray of hope starts in the mid-30s and lasts until the early ’50s to preserve mental health.

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What study says:

A study conducted on 500 people, born in 1946, found that high blood pressure in the middle years of life subsequently damages blood vessels and shrinks the brain.

Experts believe that blood pressure begins to do more damage to the brain during the critical period of the ’30s and ’40s.

High Blood Pressure Can Cause Dementia

This is not the first time that high blood pressure is being linked to a higher risk of dementia or mental disorders, but scientists are more interested in knowing when and why this happens.

Blood pressure was taken and brain scans were done during the entire study of the people involved in the research published in Lancet Neurology.

People between the ages of 36 and 43 have found that an increase in blood pressure is related to a narrowing of the brain.

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As the age progresses, each person’s brain starts to shrink, but it starts to show more in people with mental illnesses like vascular dementia.

Researchers say that often the brain starts to shrink afterward, so they look at them in the years to come.  So that its effects can be monitored.

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High Blood Pressure Can Cause Blood Vessels Damage

High blood pressure between the ages of 43 and 53 has also been linked to people’s blood vessel damage and stroke.

The research is led by Jonathan Scott, professor at the Queen’s Square Institute of Neurology at University College London. He says four decades after our high blood pressure. We are still in the ’30s and see bad effects on brain health.

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Mid-life should be the main goal of monitoring and treatment to improve mental health in later life.

At the age of 40, NHS health checks are performed. And our data suggest that blood pressure should be monitored long ago.

Paul Lassen, professor of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Oxford, says: “We have long known that people with hypertension may have different brain structures later in life.

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What are Doctors Investigating?

‘Doctors are investigating whether changes in the brain can be prevented by treating hypertension in young people.’

“The alternative we can make nowadays is to wait for aging and take hypertension seriously. Because we know that by then more severe brain changes will be taking place”. These results suggest that a critical period in epilepsy occurs, such as at age 30 or 40. When hypertension continues to exacerbate brain damage.

Alzheimer’s Research UK director of research Dr. Carol Routledge says:

In midlife hypertension is one of the strongest risks of dementia. But you can monitor or control it easily.

Research has already shown that aggressive treatment for hypertension has improved the mental health of older people in recent years.

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