5 great details that do matter to get pregnant

5 great details that do matter to get pregnant

5 great details that do matter to get pregnant

To get pregnant we need something as simple (and at the same time so miraculous if you think about it) as the union of two cells. One from the man and the other from the woman. The natural thing is that this union occurs after sexual intercourse, and fertilization takes place in the fallopian tubes. We are going to see some things that we could consider when looking for a baby. Further, you can read the article, How to get pregnant fast: 11 tips to increase chances for more details.

Factors that influence when getting pregnant

If the idea of ​​getting pregnant is already on your mind or you are trying but you are not getting the desired results, this interests you! 5 important factors when conceiving a baby.

The best time

First of all, to get pregnant, it is necessary to have sexual intercourse on the days when the woman is ovulating. It seems logical, but precisely for that reason, women must know their ovulation cycle and control which are their two or three fertile days of the month to conceive a baby.

Sex should be practiced every day when the woman is most fertile. As this would make it easier for her to stay in a state during this period. However, it is recommended that the man not ejaculate, if possible, 4 to 6 days before the most fertile days. So that the sperm has better quality.

The sperm can live between 3-5 days in favorable conditions. With which fertilization does not always occur just at the time of ovulation, but we have a window period in which the union between sperm and the Ovum.

The myth of sizes

The next point is, perhaps, one of the most controversial and on which more theories have been poured: does size matter? We are going to see some curious data regarding the size in different aspects.

The size of the penis does not matter when it comes to getting pregnant. It is considered normal to have a penis with a length between 11 and 16 cm in erection (and we would speak of a micropenis when the length is below 7.11 cm). However, size has nothing to do with ejaculation and the quality and quantity of sperm.

Regarding the size of the vagina, it ranges between 6 and 8 centimeters without excitement, while for those that had been sexually stimulated, the measurements increase from 10 to 11.5 centimeters. However, the vagina is considered a virtual cavity, which in resting conditions is closed and it is during intercourse and childbirth that it can adapt to the required size.


frequently asked questions about sex

Of all the infinite possibilities of practicing intercourse with our partner that the Kamasutra presents to u. Those postures in which the penetration is deeper and the woman is in a horizontal position (missionary, spoon, quadruped, or trapeze ) or with a slightly tilted pelvis are the most conducive to getting pregnant. The reason? We must think that fertilization will facilitate everything that helps the sperm to reach the egg earlier.


Getting pregnant the first time is difficult, but impossible, in fact, it happens to some women. But what do the statistics say?. These speak that fertile couples take an average of five months to get pregnant or achieve it after having sexual intercourse 104 times.

And, another fact that may interest you, a woman has between 400 and 450 periods throughout her life. In each of these menstrual cycles, the chances of conceiving a baby are 25%.

Second pregnancy

Constipation during your pregnancy

Why does a second pregnancy cost me so much if I didn’t have any problems with the first? A very common question asked by many couples who see that, despite attempts, the arrival of pregnancy is delayed in time.

Possible causes could include being overweight, overstressed, the age of the spouses, a possible problem related to ovulation or ejaculation, or the existence of polyps in the woman’s uterus. And all this without counting other circumstances can be generated such as abnormalities in the sperm or injuries in the pelvic area.

Keep these five details in mind to get pregnant and the arrival of your baby will be closer than you think.

Calculator with the fertile days to get pregnant

We have told you the 5 great details that do matter to get pregnant but, among all of them, there is one in which from Guiainfantil.com we can help you significantly. Do you know our ovulation and fertile days calculator?

It is a system by which you can find out which days are when you are ovulating and, therefore, your chances of getting pregnant increase. For some women, it is simply because they notice certain discomforts, such as feeling a small pain in the abdomen area, having breast tenderness, or experiencing a certain increase in libido, but for others, it is a more complicated task.

For all of them, our ovulation and fertile days calculator is perfect. You just have to enter two pieces of information: the first day of your last period and the length of your menstrual cycles. Have you seen how easy?

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