Can Constipation Cause Cancer? Symptoms And Treatment


Researchers say doctors and the general public disagree with the symptoms of constipation, which may cause some people to discontinue their consultation with a physician or receive any treatment at the end. According to a report, medical experts believe that a major symptom of constipation is when a person’s (in day or week) needs to decrease three times as much as a healthy person.

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What Experts Says about Constipation Disorder?

Experts at The King’s College, London, say constipation needs to be redefined in light of patients’ experiences. Constipation is a very common condition and apparently, one in seven healthy people suffer from it.

Disorders of waste or intestinal emptying are among the major symptoms of constipation, but nevertheless, the method of diagnosis is of paramount importance.

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 Researchers say a new definition of constipation can be defined in light of six symptoms:

  • Abdominal discomfort, pain, and twitching if the clothes do not fit normally on the body
  • Difficulty in stool excretion, bleeding on excessive drainage, irritation, and inflammation in the rectum
  • Stomach upset and stools hard – Stroke is a normal condition at least three times a day or at least three times a week.
  •  Feeling needing relief or sensory impairments such as incomplete gastric emptying
  •  Swelling of the nasal mucosa or swelling or the discharge of smelly rash
  •  No control of stool emissions and bleeding from the stool
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What is the basis of this list?

Researchers included 411 general doctors and 365 gas pathologists with 2557 general public in the survey.  The results of this survey were published in the American General of Gastro-ontology.

The findings of the survey found that what most people think about the symptoms of constipation is not part of the formal diagnosis.

These include:

  • Sitting longer in the toilet and experiencing difficulties with stool drainage
  • Thrust
  • Relieving constipation drug use

Most people who say they have constipation have symptoms that are officially recognized, while one in three seemingly unaware of their symptoms of constipation.

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According to research, doctors and the general public do not agree on the symptoms of constipation. Although physiologists consider stomachache to be a major symptom of constipation, only half of those who suffer from constipation have gone through this experience.

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What do researchers say?

Dr. Ernie Damedy, of King’s College London, who is also the author of the research report, said: “According to our research, it is possible that people who seek constipation treatment do not always have to identify, diagnose and treat these symptoms themselves.  I know.

Constipation is caused by a lack of fiber or dehydration in the diet, but it can also be caused by other diseases, such as gastric cancer or digestive disorders.

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“When the symptoms of digestion become clear, then it is important to consult a doctor,” said Dr. Demidi.

Charity Gats UK doctor Julie Harrington says constipation is important for the patient to hear.

“Patients begin to know the disease based on their experience, and when the therapist is with them, it becomes a beautiful combination.”

He added that not every constipation is the same and patients have different symptoms.

“Because of fear and embarrassment, people do not report stomachache disease for six months or a year.”

“You need to be in sync with your body.”

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How often should a healthy person heal?

Perhaps this is difficult to answer because it can be dramatically different for each person.  According to the research report, people who do not have constipation go on average seven times a week. But experts say that getting rid of Hajib thrice a day or even three times a week is a sign of recovery. So you must see what is normal for you and what changes you need again.

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 What are the treatment options?

According to NHS Advice, many people diagnose the disease by themselves. And then try to cure it by increasing the amount of fiber and water in the diet.

  1. Fiber is found in whole-grain bread, pasta, fruits, lentils, and grains.
  2.  Exercise and diet may also improve regularly.
  3.  Experts say that if this does not improve, then chemotherapy may be taken from the chemist.

But if constipation persists and some other symptoms appear, then it is important to contact a physician in such a situation.

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