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Are you thinking of giving up sugary beverages and soda? Or cutting back on coffee? Green tea has numerous health benefits to make you physically and mentally well and good. Green tea is high in catechins, polyphenols, antioxidants, and theanine. It can boost your mood, speed up your metabolism, and prevent certain diseases.

Green tea originated in Asian cultures and has been around for centuries, but now it is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Green tea is becoming a slogan to heal the world nowadays. You can purchase green tea with added flavors such as cranberry, pomegranate, and blueberry, or you can simply add honey, lemon, or lime to the tea of your preference. You can drink it hot or iced, blend it in a smoothie as you like.

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it also contains caffeine but much less than other teas such as black tea, and also less than a cup of coffee. Green tea will give you an energy boost without making you on edge or feeling jittery.


Green tea is a very popular ingredient in homeopathic skincare products such as face masks and eye creams. Keeping green tea bags under your eyes can help you to eliminate under eye dark circles and wrinkles. So we can say that green tea is very good for your health. Green tea is at the top of trending health topics these days. This tea helps us physically and mentally both in many ways, as you will see in the following article.

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Green tea benefits in Skincare issues

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As mentioned above that green tea is used in many skincare products such as face masks and wrinkle creams. Green tea contains a lot of anti-inflammatory properties so it helps your skin if you have inflammatory issues. It has been proven that green tea helps to prevent wrinkles and reduce UV damage from the sun. Green tea can also help eliminate inflammatory skin issues such as dandruff and psoriasis. It also helps to boost the growth of new skin cells.

Diet Acid

Drinking green tea regularly boosts your metabolism and helps to burn your body fat. Green tea contains polyphenol and this helps to increase levels of fat oxidation. It speeds up the rate so our food starts turn into calories instead of fat.

If you simply replace sugary drinks, such as, energy drinks, juice, and soda, which contains a lot of sugar, with green tea, you will cut down on the amount of sugar in your diet. It also keeps you hydrated.

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Green tea Boost your immune system

Green tea contains high levels of antioxidants which can boost your immune system and help you to fight diseases that attack your immune system. It also helps to prevent colds and other illnesses.

Helps to solve Heart issues

Green tea help to prevent atherosclerosis and other heart diseases. Green tea relaxes the heart’s blood vessels. Drinking green tea regularly can also help reduce blood clots from forming.

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Boosts brain function and mental health: green tea benefits

Green tea can also boost your mood and improve your memory.  Green tea contains theanine which reduces depression and anxiety while promoting relaxation. So green tea not only elevates your mood but also makes you smarter. According to a study drinking, tea every day can improve your cognitive thinking.

Prevent certain forms of dementia:  green tea benefits

Green tea contains high levels of catechin which can help to prevent the onset of certain forms of dementia such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer‘s disease. Green tea helps restore and repair damaged brain cells as well as promoting the growth of new brain cells.

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Prevent certain types of cancer

It has been proven that green tea prevents the growth of cancerous tumors due to the number of antioxidants and polyphenols. Green tea can reduce the risks of certain types of cancer including prostate cancer, stomach cancers, breast cancer, oral cancers, and esophageal cancer.

Dental health

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Green tea benefits your teeth as well. It contains antioxidants which can help to heal and prevent gum diseases. It helps to fight bad breath and prevent cavities by lowering both the acidic and bacterial levels in your mouth.

Green tea helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure

Drinking green tea regularly can increase your good cholesterol levels. It also regulates your blood pressure. Try to consume more and more green tea in your daily routine, it will keep healthier your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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Green tea helps to Calms your stomach

It can also help to calm your stomach if you suffer from digestive problems, such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Colitis, and heartburn, as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea help to prevent the risk of colon cancer.

Green tea contains dozens of more benefits for your health and makes you strong physically and mentally. Comment down and let us know which one you like most.

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