When to drink green tea?

How to lose weight with green tea

Green tea, usually consumed throughout the world, is a drink that is most beneficial to the body that has many uses. Its first known use was to flavor the water and, as its great properties were discovered. It also began to be used as a medicinal tonic. Today, and due to its multiple benefits, green tea has become an essential drink for many lovers of home and natural remedies. And its high index of antioxidants and minerals make it a rich and easy way of taking care of yourself.

But is it always beneficial to drink tea? Why is it recommended to drink tea? Is there a better time of day than another to drink this antioxidant drink.

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Green tea: properties and contraindications

Green tea is undoubtedly one of the best known and consumed natural drinks due to its multiple benefits. Its low cost and how easy it is to prepare it. However, and as with any food or drink, it is important to be informed about the uses that can really be given to this product. This will help us avoid possible side effects that may affect your health.

Properties of green tea

10 Tips To Lose Weight Naturally
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  • Slimming properties: as we will see later, green tea helps you lose weight quickly and naturally. If you already have a balanced diet and do some exercise but you have trouble seeing the results you want, green tea can become your best ally, it is a fabulous fat burner.
  • Antioxidant properties: the consumption of green tea prevents diseases such as the flu and common colds since this drink contains catechins (a type of polyphenol) that protect the body. In the field of science, certain studies show that these antioxidant properties also prevent the appearance of certain types of cancer. We can not ignore the use made of green tea in the field of aesthetics, because due to its antioxidant properties this product helps fight premature skin aging.
  • Stimulating properties: green tea is a healthier alternative to coffee, as its high content of theanine (a natural stimulant and not harmful to the body). It will help you fight fatigue and keep you awake and more active after a bad night or when You feel you need a boost of extra energy. These stimulating properties are also key to explain why experts argue that green tea is perfect for increasing mental agility.
  • Antibacterial properties: these properties, in addition to helping to combat certain medical conditions, will help you maintain optimal oral hygiene. This is because green tea has antibacterial elements such as fluoride, perfect for keeping plaque, tartar and bad breath at bay.


As we have seen, green tea has very interesting properties from which you can benefit daily and in a very simple way. However, and in order not to harm your health, it is important that you know in which cases you should not drink green tea:

  • If you suffer from anemia: if you suffer from anemia or are taking any type of iron supplement. It is important that you do not drink green tea, as this ingredient has a great capacity to absorb this mineral.
  • Digestive problems: before some digestive problems, there are professionals who recommend taking green tea at very specific times of the day. However, we advise you to consult this possibility beforehand with your doctor. Since the green tea tannins stimulate the stomach acids of our digestive system and can make it work more than it should.
  • If you are hypertensive: the consumption of green tea is completely discouraged for those people who are hypertensive or have a tendency to have high blood pressure. This is because the stimulating power of green tea can negatively affect your cardiovascular system.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding: due to its high level of tannin, green tea is contraindicated in both pregnant and lactating women. This stimulant can affect the cardiovascular and nervous system of the fetus and of the baby.

When to drink green tea?

Now that you know the properties and contraindications of green tea. We will teach you how to add this drink to your diet so you can benefit from all its qualities.

Depending on what your goal is and why you decide to start drinking green tea, you should drink it one way or another. So if you have doubts, do not forget to read the following sections of this article. Discover when to drink green tea to enjoy 100% of its benefits.

When to drink green tea to lose weight

If you want to lose weight and want to use natural supplements that help you get it. You should know that green tea can become your best ally. Its ability to burn fat quickly is the main reason why a large number of nutritionists advise drinking green tea in their diets.

In this case, drinking green tea on an empty stomach will help you burn fat in a healthy and natural way. In the early hours of the day our metabolism is at the height of its activity, so your body will be able to absorb these properties completely. Drinking a cup of green tea infused every day before breakfast will help you stimulate your metabolism and accelerate weight loss.

In addition, and due to its satiating power, if you wonder when to drink green tea to burn fat, we advise you to prepare a cup 20 minutes before the main meals. This will help you tune up your digestive system, accelerate fat burning and help you better control your appetite. To prepare an infusion of green tea to lose weight you will only have to:

  1. Boil 250ml of water and, when ready, pour it into a cup.
  2. Then, add the green tea in an already prepared sachet or a tablespoon of leafy green tea (remember to filter the infusion before taking it).
  3. You will only have to let the infusion stand for a couple of minutes before taking it.

Green tea is very sweet in itself, so you won’t need to add sweeteners. If you do, always opt for natural products such as honey or stevia, because in addition to being very pleasant to the palate, they have a low level of fat and calories.

When to drink green tea to fight bacterial plaque and bad breath

As we already mentioned, green tea has fluoride and a large number of antibacterial elements capable of protecting the health of your mouth and teeth. If you want to keep a healthy and clean denture, prevent certain ailments and oral diseases and avoid halitosis we recommend you drink green tea every day.

The best time to drink green tea to fight bacterial plaque and bad breath are after eating and brushing your teeth. In this case, we recommend drinking green tea only by infusion:

  • Boil some water for a few minutes.
  • Then add a tablespoon of green tea leaves. If you do not have one, you can bet on the tea bags already prepared, although we advise you to be as natural as possible.
  • If you feel like it, you can accompany the tea with mint or peppermint leaf, as these aromatic herbs will help you give the tea a delicious taste and a feeling of extra freshness.
  • To combat bacterial plaque and bad breath we recommend that you do not add sweeteners to your infusion.

When to drink green tea to prevent disease

If you want to drink green tea to strengthen your immune system and promote your general health, as well as prevent digestive ailments or diseases such as the flu. The best way to do this is by drinking a cup of infusion of green tea every day after meals.

This amount of green tea is enough for your body to obtain the proteins and minerals that green tea contains. If you wish, and to reinforce the properties of green tea, you can add a splash of natural lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey and a little mint (or just some of these ingredients) to your infusion. With this little gesture, you will be able to dedicate a time of the day solely to your well-being and your tranquility.

When to drink green tea to fight fatigue

Many times, stress, commitments, and responsibilities lead us to face tired situations that can lead to both physical and mental illness. To prevent your body from suffering, you can drink green tea at those times of the day when you feel more tired.

When to drink green tea to fight fatigue
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Whether in winter with a hot infusion or in summer, making it very cold and with ice, green tea will help you stimulate your body and minimize the feeling of tiredness and sleep. A very effective way to drink green tea to reduce tiredness is to prepare an infusion cup of green tea as we have seen so far and add a tablespoon of grated or powdered ginger. The combination of green tea and ginger is perfect to help you be more active, to strengthen your immune system and to protect your body from certain free radicals.

However, because of the high level of theine contained in green tea, experts recommend not drinking more than 5 cups a day. In addition, it is essential that you avoid drinking green tea just before going to sleep since its stimulating effect can cause you insomnia.

How much to drink green tea for the skin

Green tea is a magnificent antioxidant that will help you fight premature skin aging, as well as cure dermis disorders such as acne, wrinkles or dark circles. This infusion will not only help you clean all the pores of your skin, but it will help you regulate the pH of the dermis. As if that were not enough, green tea can also accelerate the healing process of wounds and pimples, which is why it is an essential ingredient in both pharmaceutical products and creams, lotions and anesthetic ointments.

If you want to use your own natural remedy, follow the instructions that we propose below.

How to make a green tea cleansing tonic remedy

  • To perform this home remedy you will only need 100gr of green tea, 250ml of water and follow these instructions:
  • Boil the indicated amount of water and then add the green tea.
  • Let it infuse for 10 minutes and filter the contents well, pouring it into a bottle (can be made of glass).
  • To use the tonic, soak a cotton ball with the elaborate mixture and then apply it on your face with soft taps.
  • Let the product act for a couple of minutes.
  • Then apply your usual moisturizer.

We recommend that you keep the green tea tonic in the refrigerator so that, in addition to better preserving its properties, it provides your skin with an extra freshness of the most pleasant. Published By Healthzigzag.com

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