Types of Carbonated Drinks

Types of Carbonated Drinks

Types of Carbonated Drinks :

Carbonated drinks are sweet water-based, light drinks that have carbon dioxide added to make them fizzy or bubbly. In dairy products, milk can be carbonated too, but who will buy it? You can read also: Harmful Effects of Soft Drinks on Human Body

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Many people begin to drink carbonated beverages when they are still kids with a sip of Dr. Pepper, sprite or coke at a birthday party. In the list of carbonated drinks types, soda is mostly consumed in all over the world.


Starbucks and coke ventured this thing but didn’t succeed. Coke tried to introduce a carbonated coffee beverage called Kona and Starbucks attempted the same thing with Mazagran.


Does sparkling water make you fat?

Carbonated water ( also known as fizzy water, sparkling water, and seltzer)  is famous among weight-conscious or other people who want to avoid sugary sodas. It is available in a variety of light flavors, like vanilla, raspberry, and lemon. Carbonated water is available in plain also as well. In the list of carbonated drink types, carbonated water is the second most-consumed all over the world.

Sparkling wine

Champagne or sparkling wine is the drink of choice for celebrations and also pairs, well with light food dishes like chicken or fish.

Energy drinks

Red bull, Enviga, Monster, and Jolt are carbonated drinks that have stimulants that help energize.

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