Try these six things to better sleep at night

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According to experts, there are many things that we do in secret. We do not realize to what extent they affect our sleep.

We can also suffer from depression and bipolar disorder, such as sleep apnea or impaired body clock. Therefore, it is very important to understand the need for good sleep.

The question is, how can sleep be interrupted?

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Set the light range in the evening—things to better sleep

The use of mobile phones and laptops is becoming increasingly common these days. Many people spend hours watching plays and movies on laptops, but few know that doing so badly affects our nap.

These electronic devices emit a particularly powerful blue light. Because of this light, the melatonin hormone does not escape the body properly. It is the hormone responsible for sleep.

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Only a few nights’ bad sleep can impair health

Professor Malcolm von Shantz, of the University of Surrey, suggests using these tools should be stopped one and a half hours before bedtime.

Blue lighting should also reduce other sources of light in the evening, especially in the bedroom. This can be done with the help of a lamp. Dark shades can also be applied to darken the bedroom.


Be time-bound—things to better sleep

Waking up late at night before the weekends does a lot of work, but time rest is essential to maintaining a good nap.

It is helpful to sleep at the same time every day. The more changes in bedtime per day, the greater the health risk.

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Make your bedroom comfortable—things to better sleep


things to better sleep
An alarm clock should be purchased instead of an alarm on the phone

It is common for many people to have a laptop and charger scattered around the bed, but if we want to get a good nap, it is important to understand that the more comfortable your bedroom, the better. Will come

It is best to place the phone, laptop, and other electronic features in another room. An alarm clock should be purchased instead of an alarm on the phone.

Cooling in the room also plays an important role. In colder environments, sleep is easier for the body than for warmth.

Daylight—things to better sleep

Our body clock works according to the sun’s rise and fall times. But many of us do not fully benefit from daylight due to sleeping late in the morning.

Opening the curtains in the morning can help you get more daylight.

If possible, exercise should be done in the morning. Doing so will make sleep good at night.

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Before bedtime work

  • If you do some of the pre-bedtime tasks every day, the body knows that it is time to sleep.
  • Reading books, listening to songs, bathing is just some of the things.
  • As soon as you start doing them, the body will start to nap on its own.
  • Most parents do the same with their children.
  • Doing this every day makes the child’s body accustomed to it and the body realizes that it is time to nap.

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Stay away from caffeine

Try these six things to better sleep at night

You may have noticed that drinking coffee late at night leads to sleep. This is because of the caffeine in coffee.

But caffeine is not only available in coffee but also tea and many cold drinks.

Even tea or coffee consumed in the evening can affect your sleep, as the effect of caffeine on our body for five to nine hours.

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