Why is obesity caused by stress?


Why is obesity caused by stress?

We all know how weight gain increases. When we start to eat more calories than we need, weight gain begins. But why do we start overeating?

Why does it sometimes happen that you suddenly feel the urge to eat too many calories, such as chocolate or cake, even though we know we will regret it later?

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 Just greed or some other reason?

Self-control is important, but scientists have found evidence that depression is a leading cause of obesity.

In a state of high stress, our sleep is impaired and blood sugar is also affected. Because of this, we feel more hungry and have some rest.

This leads to even more stress. Sleep worsens, and blood sugar levels in the blood begin to get worse. Body fat starts to increase and the risk of type 2 diabetes increases.

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Dr. Giles Yew of the research group ‘Trust My IMA Doctor’ team, with the help of scientists from the University of Leeds, UK, spent an entire day in a stressful environment.

After that, he underwent a stress test.

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They were asked to do a quick calculation by sitting in front of a computer. They made mistakes in the calculation.

After that, they were asked to put their hands in boiling water. A team of scientists discovered the sugar level in Giles’ blood before and after the test.

The sugar level in our blood rise because of stress

Sugar levels in our blood rise when we eat something. In a healthy person, the level of sugar soon normalizes. But scientists found that in stressful days, it took three hours for Giles’ blood sugar to return to normal. That is, six times longer than a normal day.

The reason is that when you are under stress, your body senses that it has been attacked from the outside. Therefore, the body begins to release more glucose into the blood to strengthen the muscles.

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But when this power is not needed, the pancreas releases insulin, which helps blood glucose levels return to normal.

We are hungry again due to insulin levels rising and blood sugar levels falling. That is why when we are under stress, it makes us want to eat more often.

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Likewise, even when our sleep is not enough, we often feel hungry.

According to research conducted at King’s College in the UK, we eat 385 calories a day when sleep is not enough.

Even if children do not sleep properly, they often ask for something to eat.

Put away the stress

dance to burn fat or lose weight

Breathing in a certain way can help you relieve stress. If you make this approach a part of your daily life, there may be more benefits.

This can be done by standing, sitting, or lying down.

  • Take a deep breath from the nose, counting to five
  • Now, slowly count to five
  • Repeat this for five minutes
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    Another important thing is not to let your sleep be affected in any way. Although it’s easy to say no.
  • There are other ways you can relieve stress such as exercise, gardening, or yoga.
  • But you have to see what will be helpful to you.

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