Do Sugar Free Sodas Get Fat?

Do Sugar Free Sodas Get Fat?

Many times we substitute sugar sodas for sugar-free sodas, but do you know if sugar-free sodas get fat?

Currently, sugar-free sodas are taking the place from sodas with sugar. The worry about getting fat makes us opt for less caloric drinks, but really, do sugar-free sodas get fat?

In no case should soft drinks replace water as a hydration drink for the proper functioning of our body. In this article we will discuss:

  • Why drinking diet soda makes you gain weight?
  • Diet soda, Good or bad?
  • Does diet coke make you gain weight?

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Soft drinks without sugar

The risks of consuming soft drinks without sugar

Sugar-free soft drinks or sodas are drinks in which sugar is removed and replaced by alkaline sweeteners, such as aspartame, saccharin or cyclamate. Although sugar-free soft drinks or sodas contain no calories. The sweeteners present favor the absorption of sugar in the intestine.

Besides, they promote insulin secretion in the same way as sugary sodas. A condition that causes blood sugar levels to decrease, thereby creating a feeling of hunger.

Sweeteners also affect the intestinal flora, modifying the bacteria in the body, producing dysbiosis, and glucose intolerance. This relationship is increasingly studied to know if sugar-free soft drinks or sodas get fat, as it is a subject of great controversy.

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The latest published study, Sugar and artificially sweetened beverages linked to obesity. A systematic review and meta-analysis show an association between soda consumption and obesity.

However, it should be clarified that this study does not separate the consumption of sugary sodas from those without sugar. The results show that the consumption of soft drinks, whatever they are, is higher in people with obesity.

Other studies suggest that sugar-free drinks or sodas, apart from raising the risk of obesity, may increase the chance of cardiovascular disease. But there is no clear mechanism as to why this occurs.

On the other hand, there are studies, like this one by Plos One, that show the link between the consumption of sugar-free sodas and a greater amount of abdominal fat. According to this, they may not be effective as a measure to control weight.

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Why could they get fat?

Compensation effect

Sugar-free sodas may not get fat on their own, but they are related to unhealthy lifestyle habits.

You probably think that the calories you are going to save in that soda can be introduced into another more caloric food as a replacement. That is, for example, it is useless to eat a hamburger with fries and at the same time a light drink

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Can get hungry

As we have said before, these sodas can trigger the feeling of hunger among those who consume them. In some cases, the insulin high that is experienced when sucralose is consumed is not accompanied by a decrease in glucose levels. This means that our body reacts to soft drinks without sugar in the same way as if they had it, but without the sugar reaching the body.

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Sweetness causes addiction

It has been shown that eating very sweet foods, whether or not they provide calories, frequently activates brain areas related to pleasure and reward. Leading to an addiction to very intense flavors and sensations. The effects of sweet foods on the brain cause the same sensation as using a drug. So we tend to want to eat sweeter.


If you want to lose weight, it seems logical to replace sugary sodas with sugar-free sodas. So far, it has been seen that, in moderate quantities, they are safe and do not provide calories. However, science shows that consuming them regularly does not help weight control. Since they can cause us to eat more and gain more abdominal fat.

The weight gain is quite complex and can not blame one food group or products, nor sugar. The main drink must be water, both at meals and outside of them. But what if I ever want to have a soda? What do I choose, soft drinks with sugar or without sugar? If consumed sporadically, you can opt for light refreshments, since, in small quantities, no negative effects are found.

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