11 Reasons for hair loss

reasons for hair loss

Reasons for hair loss

True, hair loss is more likely to occur in men than women, but hair loss is common in women and it can be incredibly frustrating for them. But did you know that Hair loss or baldness is often the result of your normal habits? we can include many things which matter in hair loss, from protein deficiency or vitamin abuse. Learn about the things that slowly deprive you of such precious blessings as hair.

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Protein deficiency: Reasons For Hair Loss

Eat a moderate amount of protein Become a vegetarian
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If your diet does not contain the right amount of protein, your body will stop the growth of hair. According to one study, the rate of hair loss increases significantly in two to three months in case of protein deficiency. To avoid this, the use of fish, eggs, and meat in the diet is normal, but if you don’t like meat then other foods can include in your daily routine diets such as peas, chickpeas, nuts, green leafy vegetables, and milk can also be used.

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Too much use of a hat 

Hats are ideal for hair coverings, which protect the head from sunlight and environmental elements.
Experts, however, say that hats often rub the specific area of the head. Especially if they are worn continuously. When this happens, the hair follicles become prone to edema and increase their chances of falling faster.

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Hormones aggravate problems: Reasons For Hair Loss

When women suffer from hormone problems, they may experience hair loss. usually accompanied by symptoms such as nail acne and facial hair. according to the doctor’s instructions, Use of drugs can be helpful to relieve the problem.

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Cause of  jeans

Like hair colors, genes often contribute to hair fall, which can have many genetic causes. it is more likely to cause baldness in men than in women.

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Diet: Reasons For Hair Loss

What you eat also affects the health of the hair. Hair growth requires a lot of energy and nutrition, hair follicles divide and form faster than any other part of the body. so it’s important to use a healthy and balanced diet. ۔ Lack of certain nutrients such as B vitamins, zinc, and iron can cause premature baldness by affecting the hair growth cycle.

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Emotional Stress

When to drink green tea to fight fatigue
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Emotional stress does not accelerate hair fall faster than physical stress, but it does. The stress of a loved one’s death or parental illness, etc. can lead to hair loss.

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Deficiency of blood

The deficiency of blood or iron can be devastating to the hair. Blood can be diagnosed with a disease called enema, but it is not so easy to protect the hair because it is not diagnosed in most people. However, if you are aware of anemia and hair fall, an iron supplement may protect against this problem.

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Vitamin B deficiency: Reasons For Hair Loss

Vitamin B deficiency in the body also causes hair loss. Like enema, its protection from supplements is possible or changing your dietary habits. You can make fish, meat, starchy vegetables, and fruits part of the diet.

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Different hairstyles

Many hairstyles and treatments can also cause baldness. As a result of these styles and treatments, the roots of the hair become weaker, and if they start to fall, they are less likely to grow again.

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pulling the hair

If you are in the habit of pulling the hair out of the reflex. Then you need to know that no one will replace the hair that is separated from the head.

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Aging also matters in hair fall because when you will start getting older then your hair will become thin and weak.

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