Properties and Health benefits of celery

Properties and health benefits of celery

The basis of a balanced diet needs an extra supply of vitamins. Most of them we get from fruits and vegetables. One of the vegetables that provide the greatest benefits to our health is celery. Do you know all its properties? Take note!

Celery nutritional properties

Among its most significant properties are the following:

Benefits of celery for health

It is a great cleanser

Thanks to its potassium content, celery stimulates urine production. Therefore it is ideal to combat fluid retention and eliminate toxins. To be more effective it must be taken in juice and fasting.

Celery benefits to Fight constipation and facilitates digestion

Natural home remedies for an upset stomach

It helps relieve constipation naturally. Besides, thanks to its minerals, it eliminates indigestion, heartburn, and relieves stomach ulcer symptoms.

Health benefits of celery to lose weight

sugary drinks cause obesity

Celery has satiating properties that decrease the desire to eat. On the other hand, it activates and improves the functioning of the metabolism. In addition to being low in fat and calories, this vegetable is ideal for weight loss.

Celery helps to prevent Kidney stones

Having kidney stones is a very painful experience. Celery benefits in eliminating kidney stones and gallstones.

Consume celery and feel relax

Thanks to its alkaline mineral content, celery is a powerful relaxant, which can treat problems of anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Health benefits of celery in the prevention of Uric acid

It dilutes the uric acid of the joints due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is a highly recommended food in case of rheumatism and gout.

Reduces blood pressure

blood pressure

Ingredients in celery benefits and help to reduce blood pressure. So it is highly recommended in case of hypertension.


It can prevent some types of cancer because of its content in pale, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Contraindications and side effects

  • Its use not advised in pregnancy as it can cause abortions
  • In the case of digestive problems, it is recommended to consume always cooked, not raw.
  • Its excessive consumption can cause stomach upset.

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