How to lose body fat

How to lose body fat

How to lose body fat?

One of the most common problems that our body can suffer today is the accumulation of fat. In addition to affecting our aesthetic appearance, this is the root of multiple diseases that can affect our quality and life expectancy, since excess body fat affects all our vital organs.

To help solve this problem, in this article of a Healthzigzag, we discuss the issue of how to lose body fat. Food, exercises, and tips to optimize your daily routine are the key to lose excess fat from our body. So, if you are interested in knowing these keys, read on and learn what you need to lose this fat and lose weight naturally.

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How to lower body fat percentage

The first thing we think about doing to lower the percentage of body fat is to start a diet. However, this is not always the best alternative, because although most likely, food is a key factor in your weight problem. With eating less or eating another variety of foods than usual, it will not be enough to make a good difference. How can you start then? The truth is that you have to mentalize to modify the habits of various aspects, such as food, the amount of water we drink, exercise, sleep hours … To begin, you can take note of these tips:

  • Less fat and more protein: in addition to reducing the consumption of calories in fat and carbohydrates, it is essential that you eat well during the day. Nutritionists recommend eating less fat and sugar type nutrients and more protein, both animal and vegetable.
  • Good rest and constant hydration: water helps purify your body of toxins and regulate appetite. A key step to modify your routine will be to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day. Also, you must guarantee between 6 and 8 hours of sleep a day. Proper daily rest will help you burn fat more easily.
  • Change a sedentary lifestyle by exercise: of course, physical exercise will increase your caloric expenditure, which prevents a sedentary lifestyle. Going up and downstairs, 30-minute walks and squat routines, push-ups, abs, and other basic exercises will not only help you eliminate fat but also gain muscle.

How to eliminate body fat – food

Carbohydrates and trans or bad fats only facilitate the accumulation of fat in our body, making it difficult for vital organs to perform their functions properly. The fats and toxins accumulated in muscles and joints will, gradually, not only look bulkier but also weaken your immune system and worsen other aspects of your health. Therefore, it is necessary that you eat well and consume the foods that your body really needs. Here we leave you some of the best foods to burn fat and those to avoid to achieve this goal.

Fruits and vegetables to lose fat

One of the best alternatives to lose weight fast and burn fat are fruits and vegetables.

On the one hand, among the vegetables to lose fat, we find options such as celery, cucumber, tomato, artichokes, and radishes are fantastic to purify the body since they work as antioxidants, excellent fat burning, and diuretics, facilitating the expulsion of toxins, burning bad fats and also help regulate appetite. On the other hand, among the fruits to burn fat. We found that watermelon is an excellent fat burner and diuretic because it is rich in water and arginine, an amino acid that helps control glucose and cholesterol levels. Similarly, pineapple, being rich in bromelain, accelerates metabolism, facilitating weight loss. Other options that should not be missing from your menu are lemon, strawberry, and grapefruit, foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will allow you to purify your body.

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Foods with protein and low fat

If you want to lose weight and burn fat quickly you should consume plenty of protein. However, you must ensure that the protein source is not, in turn, rich in bad fats, otherwise, you will only continue to gain weight.

The lean meats (turkey breast, chicken, beef …), whitefish and lentils are the best sources of protein without harmful fats you can find. With them, you will regulate your appetite, burn more fat and, at the same time, gain more energy. Healthzigzag suggests you consume 50 foods that are super healthy.

Foods to avoid to lose fat

There are also foods that produce the opposite effect on your body and are probably responsible for your weight problems. Sausages and other processed meats are rich in harmful fats for your body, as are some salty snacks, which are rich in trans fats.

You should also avoid excess sugar-rich foods. All sweets and pastries, especially industrial ones, are a huge source of calories in the form of trans fats and sugars. Forget, for example, chocolate other than a high percentage of cocoa, cakes, and croissants. Here are the top 10 foods that you absolutely can’t eat if you want to lose weight.

Natural slimming to lose body fat

There are several slimming drinks that are great for losing accumulated fat naturally. Here are some fat burning and slimming options that you can prepare at home:

  • Red tea: drinking red tea between the main meals will allow you to thoroughly purify your body since the infusion is not only a potent diuretic, but it is also satiating and helps prevent itching between meals.
  • Green tea: it is one of the best antioxidants and natural fat burners you can ingest, as green tea speeds up the metabolism to burn calories more easily.
  • Green smoothie: a very effective green smoothie recipe is one that includes kiwi, lettuce, and spinach, as it works as a diuretic and relieves constipation and digestive problems that complicate the burning of fats and toxins.
  • Watermelon and strawberry detox smoothie: to accelerate our metabolism, detox smoothies are a great natural ally. Take this smoothie on an empty stomach and you will get a cleansing and nutritious slimming drink. To make it more effective you can add lime or lemon and ginger.

Exercises to lose body fat

Physical exercise is the ideal complement to lose weight naturally. Performing cardiovascular exercises every day is the best way to combat a sedentary lifestyle and keep your body active and healthy. Walking 10 minutes a day, spinning, jogging, cycling and climbing stairs are basic cardio exercises that, as part of your daily routine, will make a difference in your body in a short time.

Once hot with 20 or 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises you can spend another half hour to exercise at home with fat-burning exercises. Here are some simple exercises that will help you lose body fat quickly and easily.

Squats to burn fat

To start any fat burning exercise routine, squats are the best exercise. In addition to being very easy to perform, its benefits are multiple for your body, since with them you activate both the muscles of the lower part and the torso. This is how you have to do squats at home to burn fat quickly :

  • Stand tall and firm, with your back straight.
  • Spread your legs to cover the width of your shoulders and hips, making them form a straight line.
  • Place your hands on the back of your head, flexing your elbows, or forward and straight.
  • Contract the abdomen and inhale deeply.
  • Bend your legs and bend your body as if you were going to sit in a chair.
  • Start the slight backward movement starting with the pelvis and then flexing the knees.
  • Return to the starting position and complete 3 sets of 20 repetitions each.
Squats to burn fat
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Abs to lose body fat

Essential in every exercise routine, the abs are always an excellent option to burn fat in this complicated area. Follow these steps to do abs correctly :

  • Lie on a mat.
  • Put your hands on the back of the head, but without applying tension to the neck.
  • Bend your knees slightly, keeping your feet firm on the mat.
  • Inhale deeply and slightly tilt your torso, putting force on your abdomen to make your elbows reach the level of your knees.
  • Concentrate the tension in the abdomen on each impulse, not on the neck.
  • Perform each repetition at a moderate speed, also to lower and avoid dropping the torso sharply on the ground.
  • Complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions each. Take a 2-minute break between each series.


Strides help to burn fat in the buttocks and thighs and tone them. Thus you must perform the traditional strides:

  • Stand up and with a firm posture.
  • Keep the trunk straight and arms straight and down, glued to the body.
  • Advance with the right leg, until forming an angle of 90º, while the other is left behind, with the knee flexed near the ground. Here you can choose to stay at normal height or do the most intense exercise and lower the knee that is behind until almost touching the ground, keeping your back straight.
  • Move forward with the other foot to resume the initial position and repeat the movement, changing legs in each repetition.
  • Complete 5 sets of 10 repetitions each with each leg. Take a 1-minute break between each series.

To add intensity to the stride you can hold dumbbells in each hand while completing the repetitions.

Stride to lose body fat

Irons remove fat and tone

To burn abdominal fat and tone your belly, irons are one of the best exercises you can include in your routine. With the abdominal plate you will work the entire middle area of ​​the body, following these simple instructions:

  • Lie on your stomach and raise your body supporting your forearms and toes on the floor.
  • Keep your back and legs straight at all times.
  • Hold the posture for 45 seconds. As you gain resistance you can stay in iron for longer.

Exercise scissors to burn fat on the legs

The exercise of the scissors will help you burn fat quickly and, in addition, they are also ideal to eliminate sagging abdomen, without risk of injury or reliance on devices or machines. Thus you must perform the abdominal scissors to eliminate the rolls in the abdomen and lose fat in the legs and buttocks :

  • Lie on your back with your legs bent and your feet well supported.
  • Raise your legs slowly and extend them without allowing them to touch the ground at any time.
  • Center the muscular tension in the legs and abdomen, avoid focusing it on the neck, even if you will work the lower part and the core.
  • Keeping the legs extended, start making movements as if it were a scissor: opening and closing the legs, passing one over the other and combining them.
  • Make the movement several times in a row, what you endure but without getting tired of it, because with practice, you will already expand the range. Rest a few minutes with the body completely relaxed on the mat and repeat the exercise.

How to burn fat in the arms: triceps background exercise

To burn arm fat, strength exercises are the best. Triceps exercises, such as the exercise known as a fund with a bench, will help you burn fat and tone your arms quickly. You can read a full-length article that How To Lose Fat In The Arms.

  • You will need a sturdy bench that is at the height of your knees and you will have to stand on your back.
  • Stretch your arms back and rest your palms on the bench.
  • Bend your elbows slightly, keep your back straight and flex your knees, as if you were going to sit.
  • Keep your legs together and your knees bent.
  • Stretch and flex your arms, supporting the weight of the body, going up and down, always with your hands resting on the bench.
  • Complete at least 3 sets of 10 reps each. Published By


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