How to get bigger buttocks fast in a week?

how to get a bigger buttocks fast in a week

how to get bigger buttocks or hips fast in a week

By dieting, exercising, and using some good clothing tips, you can change the shape of your buttocks very quickly. Although the effects are not noticeable after a week, with a little time and effort you will be able to act on the three main gluteal muscles: the large gluteal, the medium gluteal, and the small gluteal.

Do these firming exercises to get bigger buttocks or hips fast in a week

Do squats using weights

Do squats using weights to get bigger buttocks in a week

Spread your feet about the width of your shoulders and place your buttocks behind  [1]. Take a weight in each hand and let your arms fall back against your body. Do squats quietly taking your weight at an angle of 90 ° to your body  [2]. Go down keeping this angle, hold the position for a few seconds, and go up using the gluteal muscles  [3]. Do 3 sessions of 15 squats.

  • Transfer your weight to your ankles and not to the soles of your feet.
  • Keep your back straight and your chest opens when you do this movement [4]. This will make your legs and buttocks work harder.
  • With a little practice, you can increase the number of squats per session. You can also hold the sitting position longer. It is the latter option that will often be the most difficult but will give volume to the gluteal muscles.
  • If you have not dumbbell, you can use cooking utensils as a well-closed water bottle that you can fill with coins [5].

Do flexion-extension exercises to work the gluteal muscles

Put yourself on all fours by removing your hands from the width of your shoulders and placing your knees under your hips  [6]. Keep one knee and lift the other leg by contracting your abdominal  [7]. Lift your leg until your foot is facing the ceiling and your knee is parallel to the rest of your body  [8]. Hold this position and then gently bring your knee back to its original position. Do 3 sessions of 20 movements per leg.

  • You can do the first session with one leg, then switch to the other or alternate if you prefer.
  • If the position is uncomfortable, you can do this exercise on a cushion or mat to exert less pressure on your knees  [9].

Do basin survey exercises on the ground

Lie on the floor, hands on your body and feet flat under your buttocks  [10]. Keep hands on the width of your shoulders and press the soil to lift your hips until your torso is slightly aligned over your legs. Hold this position for a few seconds and then lift one leg right into the foot slightly above your body. Lower your leg and then your pelvis to return to the initial position. Do 3 sessions of 10 movements.

  • Contract the muscles of your abs which will work as much as the gluteal muscles.
  • Also, make sure that your chest is flat when the lift. Also, keep your back straight.

Do squats inspired by classical dance

Spread your feet slightly more than the width of your shoulders by pointing them 45 ° outwards. Place your hands in front of you to keep your balance or hold a weight in the center of your chest with both hands. This time transfer your weight to the tips of your feet and lift your ankles off the ground. When you are in balance, place your buttocks back and go down as if you were going to sit on a chair. Contract your buttocks and thighs then return to your original position.

  • To make this exercise more effective, do it gently. Contract your muscles well, especially your abs.

Enough talk about exercises. Let’s talk about the food to get bigger buttocks or hips fast in a week.

Eat more protein

Eat a moderate amount of protein Become a vegetarian
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They allow you to develop your muscles. Combined with regular exercise, proteins will allow you to get bigger buttocks or hips.

  • For example, you can eat eggs, chicken fillets, salmon, tuna, cottage cheese, turkey, beans, legumes, certain pieces of beef, and soy nuts. Take lean, plain meat, and prefer steaming for fish.

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Choose the right sources of carbohydrate and fat

The most effective diet will be to replace certain foods with healthier ingredients. Avoid sources of carbohydrate such as French fries and pasta.

Eat lots of vegetables

By eating vegetables with each meal, your energy levels will be more stable and you will be able to do more sport without feeling tired.

Vegetables also help the digestion of nutrients and minerals. Consuming amino acids will allow you to increase the size of your buttocks.

Choose the right dietary supplements

Vitamins can give you the energy you need to do your exercises and protein bars accelerate the development of your muscles. Collagen supplements make your skin and muscles firmer. Always consult a doctor before consuming food supplements.

Want to get bigger buttocks or hips in a week? Then start optimizing your wardrobe. Let’s discuss it now.

Want to get bigger buttocks in a week? Then start optimizing your wardrobe.

Wear padded underwear

It is the equivalent of a push-up bra for your buttocks. You can wear them under a dress, pants or a pair of shorts. Some models also allow you to tighten your hips to give more volume to your buttocks.

Wear a belt

A belt can be worn under your clothes. She pushes the excess fat from your belly down to your hips, decreasing the size of your stomach while making your hips and buttocks most imposing.

Wear the right pants

Avoid jeans that are too wide and take a cut that highlights your shapes.

  • Wear yoga pants, jeggings, or tights. These clothes are not only comfortable but allow you to highlight the shape of your buttocks without compressing them.
  • Take high waisted jeans that will make your waist thinner while emphasizing your buttocks and hips.
  • Always wear clothes that are your size. Oversized pants will tend to hide your shapes. Whether you choose high waisted or low waisted pants, take them well with your size.

Advice from Healthzigzag

  • Do these exercises regularly. You will observe the results after a week, but continue to have prettier buttocks in the long term.
  • Wear thongs under your clothes so that your buttocks look bigger. Panties tend to flatten your behind.
  • Try different styles of pants and look in the mirror to make sure your buttocks stick out.
  • Wear 3 female panties or shorts then tight pants.
  • Don’t do your exercises too quickly. You may be overworked or hurt yourself. Be patient.
  • If you are not athletic, start slowly and gradually increase the intensity of your sports sessions.


  • Genetics will play an important role in the results you will see.
  • Combine sport, diet changes, and strategic clothing choices for best results.
  • If you still can’t get results, remember that YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL. Do not try to change your physique, be as you are.

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