10 Proven health benefits of eating spinach

Health benefits of eating spinach

Spinach benefits

Many people put spinach aside in their diet, yet this ingredient in the fruit and vegetable family has many advantages. If you want to eat a healthy diet and eat well, you need to focus on this beneficial food.

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Top benefits of spinach on your health

Whether raw or cooked, spinach will bring you different benefits that you will not be able to ignore. Do you have a doubt? I suggest you read the following.

1 – A slimming ally for all those who wish to lose weight

If you are in a diet and you want to slim down at all costs, know that spinach can be a shock ally in your daily life. Any dietitian will tell you, this food is both very digestible and low in calories. Specifically, for a hundred grams of spinach, its energy value is about 23 Kilocalories.

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In addition to this, this ingredient is perfect to cut you hunger because it is dense and has satiating benefits. Also, know that spinach is a very light food and very digestible. Thanks to its different benefits, it will allow you to easily burn fat, as indicated in our list. If you’re looking for a flat stomach for this summer, this is where it’s going!

Finally, spinach is very rich in water while being low in carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Notice to all those who go on a diet, you can not ignore all the benefits that spinach offers you. Most dietitians strongly recommend the consumption of spinach.

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What does Research say?

The spinning benefits of spinach are not just rumors. Indeed, this ingredient has given rise to extensive research. This is particularly the case of Dr. Erlanson-Albertsson, a nutrition specialist at Lund University. Working in collaboration with her husband, this doctor wanted to find the perfect food to slow the phenomenon of digestion and to limit the feeling of hunger.

Throughout her research, she found that spinach was the perfect food for these different functions. Specifically, it was revealed that its composition in thylakoids allowed it to effectively slow the digestion of lipids. Ideal to keep the line.

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2- Spinach fight against aging

If you want to keep your youth as long as possible, you will have to stop making a face when you get spinach. Indeed, thanks to the different antioxidants that compose them, your new ally can curb what are called free radicals. This concretely means that the aging of the human body is slowed down.

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The anti-aging properties of spinach have been mentioned for the first time at the University of Vienna. The first function that was highlighted is that this food was able to reduce the oxidative stress that usually accelerates the aging process. You do not know what oxidative stress is? Concretely, it is the main cause of the aging of the skin because of its destructive actions on the cells of the body.

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3 – Benefits of spinach for your heart health

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Spinach is made of folate, potassium, and sodium to help you fight this problem. Thanks to the wealth of these components, spinach helps to promote blood flow and therefore help your heart to stay in good shape, full of vitality.

Note that the benefits are not only beneficial for high blood pressure, they apply to all cardiovascular diseases. This is mainly due to the presence of choline and inositol which come to play a preventive role in the hardening of the arteries.

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Anecdotally, doctors have also managed to use spinach leaves as a bandage for the heart. Indeed, it seems that they have a vascularization similar to the heart tissue. Researchers at the Polytechnic Institute of Worcester in the US have managed to prove that a spinach leaf could position itself as a real solution for all those who have seen their heart tissue deteriorate after a heart attack. It is even possible that thanks to spinach, these patients no longer need a heart transplant.

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4 – Spinach benefits to protect your eyes

Certainly, this benefit may seem a little strange, but it is indeed real. Eating spinach can help you take care of your eyes, especially since it will reduce the risk of macular degeneration, retinitis, and cataracts.

Spinach also contains carotenoids that can improve night vision. We do not promise you that you will see such a cat in the dark, but a small improvement is always good to take.

To take care of your eyes, eye specialists recommend consuming spinach at least once a week. Concretely, one of the main causes of macular degeneration (AMD) is in the UV rays. Thanks to its composition, spinach plays on the preservation of the UV protection that is in your eyes.

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5 – Spinach benefits to fight against cancer

There is more and more talk about foods that can help fight cancer, such as carrots or coffee. But spinach is one of the big winners! Thanks to its optimal composition, particularly concerning antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E, it is considered one of the best anti-cancer ingredients.

The presence of folic acid and phytonutrients also allow spinach to have a positive action when it comes to the fight against cancer cells.

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Some flavonoids play the role of antioxidants and come to play the role of brake on cell division in cancers such as that of the stomach or even the skin. In addition to this, phytonutrients and fiber reduce the risk of cancer of the breast, cervix, prostate or even the colon.

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A balanced diet is essential to living in good health.

5 – Gold mine in antioxidants

Antioxidants, everyone is talking about it. Indeed, this element has many advantages, in particular, to take care of the skin and all the rest of the body. Spinach has many of them, making them more and more attractive. It is thanks to this element that these ingredients can offer so many benefits.

Even if the term “antioxidant” is used in everyday language, few people are aware of the role that this element plays in the prevention of cancer.

First, it has been argued that antioxidants play a role in certain types of cancer, such as the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, stomach or lung.

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6 – Health benefits of spinach for women during pregnancy

With its high magnesium content, spinach is ideal for pregnant women or those who want to be. This food helps to fight against miscarriages. More generally, spinach also can fight against contractions and fatigue that can occur when a woman has her period.

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Like other green vegetables, spinach can reduce muscle cramps. During pregnancy, they have the annoying habit of appearing at the level of the legs and become quite handicapping in daily life.

7 – Spinach health benefits for bones

Do you know osteoclasts? These are cells whose role is the renewal of bones. To be able to feed them better, high consumption of vitamin K is recommended.

For this, spinach is ideal because a simple cup will give you 200% of the recommended daily contributions. Eating spinach will reduce the risk of osteoporosis or fracture. In addition to vitamin K, spinach has an optimal composition of calcium and potassium.

This benefit has been proven by a 1999 study of more than 72,000 women. Vitamin K deficiency has been shown to significantly increase the risk of fracture in women. A few years later, another study came to highlight the fact that the consumption of this vitamin was paramount, and not only for women.

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8 – Spinach for people with anemia

To regenerate red blood cells in your blood, you need a high iron intake. To help you, spinach is perfect because they have a significant rate. It is strongly recommended that people with anemia consume regular spinach dishes. If you do not have this type of problem, you can always do it as a preventive measure.

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This ingredient is ideally composed of vitamins A, B9, E, and C as well as iron, fiber, calcium, and beta-carotene. It has been shown that just half a cup of spinach each day can help you cure anemia simply. This dose will bring you 3.2mg of iron, which is equivalent to 20% of your body’s daily needs.

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9 – Spinach promotes good gastrointestinal health

We talked a little earlier about the free radicals and the braking capacity that spinach had. The latter is due in part to the presence of a high level of vitamin C. In addition to the benefits we have already mentioned, eating spinach will help you better protect your colon.

Your bacterial flora will also be maintained at a good balance which will lead to a reduction of disorders related to your digestive system and your immune system.

Other components of spinach also play an important role in the digestive system, this is particularly the case of beta-carotenes that come to position themselves as a protector of your colon, including by curbing the actions of free radicals.

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10 – Effective protection against the sun

It can never be repeated enough, but the ultraviolet rays can be harmful to your health, in particular, because they cause cellular damage on your skin and they favor the appearance of melanomas. Thanks to a high rate of vitamin B, spinach can be an optimal complement to your usual sun protection.

These benefits are also due to other components of spinach such as beta-carotene, folic acids or even lutein.

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How do you consume spinach to benefit from all their benefits?

As you can see, spinach is simply filled with components that help keep your body healthy. Everyone can benefit from their protective actions by cooking them optimally. Note that to benefit from even more benefits, you can mix your spinach with other healthy ingredients. For example, anemic people will be able to add meat to their menus to have an ideal iron intake.

To avoid losing the benefits of spinach, it is advisable to eat them while they are as fresh as possible. Do not wait too long before eating them and do not forget to wash them without soaking them. It has been proven that cooking spinach makes them more nutritious than when they are raw. To be able to benefit from a maximum of vitamins and minerals, you can boil them (except if you consume them to cure your anemia).

Contrary to what some might think, spinach is not synonymous with a lack of taste. To cook them perfectly, you can take a look at the various recipes that are on the web and that will allow you to prepare dishes that will make you salivate just to think about it.

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