How to burn fat at home?

How to burn fat at home?

How to burn fat at home?

If you want to burn fat fast, you will get results by combining cardiovascular and strength exercises into your program while following a healthy diet. There is no need to get a gym membership to burn fat at home or to buy expensive and complicated machines. Watch what you eat, do light exercises during your household chores and moments of relaxation, and get into the habit of doing light cardio exercises to soon see a difference in your appearance and well-being!

Eat to burn fat

Track your calories

Your body is like a calorie bank. The more calories you absorb, the larger your bank account. But unlike a real bank, your body suffers when it has too many calories. Excess calories can lead to overweight and the development of heart disease, increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and many other disorders. By tracking your calorie intake, you can start balancing your diet to find a healthy balance.

  • Write down everything you eat and the approximate number of calories in each food. This will help you recognize foods that contain a lot of calories and don’t deserve the effect they have on your line.
  • Average the number of calories by dividing the total number of calories you have eaten by the number of days you have tracked your calorie consumption. A healthy and reasonably active adult should generally consume around 2,000 calories per day.
  • You should keep a food journal for the duration of your diet to burn fat. This will make sure you don’t let yourself be tempted and return to a higher calorie lifestyle. Healthzigzag recommends you read another article which is about Low-calorie foods.

Increase your water intake

Water helps the body to regulate the amount of food you swallow, your digestion, and even the functioning of your kidneys! Doctors recommend drinking 30 ml of water per kilogram of body mass.

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  • For example, if you weigh 80 kg, you should drink about 2.4 liters of water a day and even more if you live in a hot climate or if you are physically active.
  • Foods rich in water like many fruits can reduce your BMI and slim your line.

Eat less salty foods

Eat less salty foods

If you are like most Westerners, you are consuming more salt than you should. Too much salt in your diet can cause water retention in your body, which pressurizes your heart and you could cause higher blood pressure.

  • Water retention linked to high salt consumption can also make you bloated, which harms any physical activity you wanted to do during the day.

Increase your intake of vegetables

Vegetables are full of fiber and nutrients, which will help you to burn fat. Since fiber helps you feel full, you will be less hungry during the day, which should help you consume fewer calories and burn fat.

Fruits, vegetables, and grains are high-fiber foods.

Eliminate the temptations at home

It can be difficult to resist a packet of crisps or a pastry if you feel like it at home. However, to burn fat, you need to avoid high-calorie treats. Besides, the nutritional value of most of these snacks is poor and you can improve your nutrition by switching to healthier snacks. Here’s what you might consider consuming:

Eat on a plate

Even if you think you will eat only one potato chip in the package before putting it back in the cupboard, studies have shown that it can be hard to resist the urge to eat more. The experts encourage people who diet to eat a plate to avoid finishing the food packages.

Portion control is also linked to excessive calorie consumption. This is another reason that should lead you to keep a food diary when trying to lose weight.

Eat at regular times

Regular meals composed of reasonable portions will help you get into the habit of a healthy diet. The more constant meals and eating habits you have, the easier it will be to maintain your weight loss and improve your health once you have lost weight.

Exercise during the day to burn fat at home fast and easily

Consider starting an exercise program

Stay healthy and burn fat
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Once you get into the habit of doing something, even something difficult like jogging every morning, it will become easier to keep doing it. If you think it can benefit you, you could take a little time in the morning, afternoon, or evening when you’re home doing some exercise.

You can combine your exercises with a task that you have already planned to do at home. For example, if you watch a program on TV every Wednesday evening, you could do light exercise while watching it.

Invest in dumbbells

There is no need to buy a complete set of dumbbells from a sports store! You can buy small dumbbells at a reasonable price in second-hand stores. Your fitness level will determine the weight of the dumbbells you buy. Try to find a heavier weight than you can easily carry without getting too tired.

  • Dumbbells allow you to operate multiple muscle groups at the same time, making exercise particularly effective.
  • A set of 3, 5, and 7 kg dumbbells should be enough to start your exercise program.

Exercise with the dumbbells

Do exercises to lose fat on arms
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It is important to pay attention to your movements when lifting weights. Generally, you must keep your body right and completely tender muscles when you train with weights.

Bend your arm while lifting the dumbbells to operate your biceps

Start with dumbbells in both hands and the hands-on either side of the body. You can alternate both hands or lift them at the same time, but you must lift the dumbbells sideways until you have brought them up to shoulder level. Keep your elbows fixed and avoid moving your upper body while you complete this controlled movement.

Perform a shoulder press

Keeping your body straight and a dumbbell in each hand, lift the dumbbells above your shoulders by turning your palms forward. Raise the straight dumbbells over your head until the arms are almost locked, take a short break, and lower the arms to their original position in a steady motion. Make sure you do not move your back during these movements, because you might hurt yourself.

Train the back muscles by lifting the dumbbells to the side

Hold each dumbbell in front of your hips with your palms facing each other. Your elbows should be slightly bent and you should try to maintain this position throughout the exercise. From the starting position, lift the dumbbells until your arms are more or less parallel to the floor, take a short break at the peak of the movement, then lower the weights to the starting position by controlling the movement.

Use resistance bands

They make it possible to obtain a complete strength exercise and extremely effective for building muscle and burning fat in a compact, inexpensive way and to take everywhere. Like jump ropes, resistance bands are made of a plastic tube and are sold according to different resistance levels (light, medium, and strong or according to their equivalents in kilograms). Here are some exercises you could try.

  • Bicep curls: place the instep on top of the middle of the resistance band to keep it on the floor. Use handles on the ends of the tape and pulls the arm at shoulders by bending the bend in a controlled manner.
  • The stretching of the deltoids: by spreading the shoulders, climb on the band to keep it on the ground. Hold each end of the strip with your hands on either side of your body, then extend your arms upward to form a T with your body and arms, keeping your palms facing the ground.
  • Knee abs: wrap the resistance band around a pole or a tree at your waist, then kneel on the floor. You can use a gym or yoga mat to relieve stress on your knees while you are doing this exercise. Grab each end of the resistance band a few inches above your torso, lean toward the ground 90 degrees so that your body takes the shape of an L, and keep your arms in position in front of your torso. By controlled movement, get up and start exercising if you want.

Make wall sits

Since this exercise isolates the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, it is an excellent exercise to do to work these parts of the body. Especially if you have a knee problem that prevents you from doing other exercises like bending, this exercise is less stressful for your knees. Here’s how.

  • Press your back flat against a wall.
  • Slide your back down until your legs are bent 90 degrees.
  • Do not advance your knees beyond your ankles, keep them aligned above your ankles.
  • Contract your abdominal muscles while maintaining the position.
  • Hold the position as if you were sitting for 20 to 60 seconds.

Make the plank

Make the planks to burn fat at home fast

The plank is a great exercise for your body that you can do on the house floor while watching TV. To make the board, you have to get on all fours on the ground. Support your weight with your forearms and stretch your feet backward, one at a time until both feet are fully extended. Only your toes and forearms should be in contact with the ground. Then make the following movements.

  • Keep your body in a straight line between your shoulders and ankles.
  • Tuck in the belly as much as possible to make the core muscles work.
  • Hold for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Repeat this exercise two or three times to get better results.

Exercising at home to burn fat

Increase your heart rate by jumping in place

6 best ways to lower your heart rate
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It is a simple exercise that can help you increase your heart rate. Start by joining the feet together and leave your arms to the side. You should keep your knees slightly bent during this exercise. Jump and spread your arms and legs to form an X shape. From the X position, jump again and return your legs and arms to the original position.

  • When you jump, try to land on the front part of your feet for better balance and better shape.
  • Increase the intensity of the jumps by accelerating the pace.

Make lunges to lose weight

The lunge exercises allow many muscles to walk at the same time and you can do it in any place where you can step forward. You can make a few lunges while waiting for your meal to cook or you can cross your home by making lunges as follows.

  • Keep your upper body straight, shoulders back and relaxed, and your chin up.
  • Fold the trunk.
  • Take a step forward with one leg until it comes directly above your ankle at a 90-degree angle.
  • Be cautious not to spread your knee outside your ankle.
  • Avoid the knees touch the ground while you do a slot.

Jump rope

Jump rope

It is a high-intensity exercise that you can do in the house or garden as long as you have a jump rope. Choose a string whose length extends up to your armpits when you stand on it. Start by positioning the rope behind you and make the following movements by passing it in front of you.

  • Take a little jump. The ideal would be to jump on the height necessary to let pass the rope, not more.
  • Continue to twist the rope around your body and jump over it when it reaches your feet.
  • Increase the difficulty and intensity of the exercise by spinning the rope faster.
  • Try variations of the base jump, such as side jumps, alternate jumps, or one leg jumps.

Take the stairs when possible

Do as much exercise as possible to burn as many calories as possible. Take on all the physical challenges you face, including the stairs! You can also use it in your exercise program by climbing the stairs at home between several exercises.

Turn on the music and dance

dance to burn fat or lose weight

You don’t necessarily have to practice some choreography, although some people find dancing lessons a good way to exercise. Just turn on the music and move your body!

  • You can exercise while doing your household chores. Put on your headphones and dance to the music while you vacuum or dust.

Try the mountain climber

This exercise works for the whole body, which means you will burn more calories in less time. Get on all fours on the ground. Your hands should be aligned with your shoulders. Extend both feet so that the legs are straight and raised above the ground and to support the weight of your body with your hands and toes. Then make the following movements.

  • Bring one leg from its stretched position as close to your chest as possible without touching the ground with your body or leg.
  • Bring the leg you stretched toward your torso to the fully stretched position.
  • You can bring the other leg back to your chest in the same way.
  • Alternate between the two legs for the number of repetitions of your choice.


  • Strength exercises in women are unlikely to make them look more muscular, contrary to popular belief. This will help them increase their muscle mass, this is what you are looking for to boost your metabolism and burn fat.
  • A bench can give you more balance and support when working out with dumbbells. Make sure you find one of good quality and stable, it should sit well on the floor and not move when you sit or lie on it. Choose one with an appropriate width.
  • Make sure to include variety in your exercise program and do strength exercises. It is essential to increase your muscle mass to burn fat, as this increases your metabolism. A higher metabolism will burn more calories even at rest because muscles need more energy to function.
  • Fitness gloves will help you stay fit and prevent injury by allowing you to better grip the dumbbells. They cover the palms of the hands and stop at the first phalanx of the fingers to give as much mobility as possible to your hands. Try them before you buy them.


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