5 Proven Health Benefits Of Kale

proven health benefits of kale

Health Benefits Of Kale

Kale is the king of all super healthy vegetables. It is definitely one of the healthiest and most nutritious plant-based foods available. Kale is full of all sorts of beneficial compounds … some of which have powerful medicinal properties.

health benefits of kale

Kale is one of the most nutritious foods on earth. Before we come to all the benefits, let me first explain what kale is.

Kale is a popular vegetable, a member of the cabbage family (Brassica oleracea). It is related to cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. There are many different types of kale. The leaves can be green or purple in color and have a smooth or curly shape. The most common form of kale is called kale or scots, with green and curled leaves and a hard fibrous stalk.

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A portion of raw kale (approximately 67 grams) contains:

  • Vitamin A: 206% of the RDA (from beta-carotene).
  • Manganese: 26% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin K: 684% of the RDA.
  • Calcium: 9% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin C: 134% of the RDA.
  • Copper: 10% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin B6: 9% of the RDA
  • Potassium: 9% of the RDA.
  • Magnesium: 6% of the RDA.

It contains 3% of the Recommended Daily Allowance for vitamin B1 (thiamin), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), iron and phosphorus.

This amounts to a total of 33 calories, of which 6 grams of carbohydrates (2 of which are fibers) and 3 grams of protein.

Kale contains very little fat, but a large part of the fat is the omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid.

Given the incredibly low-calorie content, it is one of the most nutrient-rich foods that exists. Eat more kale is a great way to drastically the total content of nutrients in your diet to increase.

In short: It is very rich in nutrients and has very low-calorie content, making it one of the most nutritious foods on earth.

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1. Kale benefits to fight against cancer

Research has shown that kale can lower the risk of various cancers. For example, the vegetable contains chlorophyll, a substance that keeps chemicals associated with cancer from the body.

Kale is also rich in sulforaphane. Scientists have discovered that this substance can help fight cancer at the molecular level. You can get more and more health benefits of kale to fight against cancer by adding it to your daily diet routine.

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2. Kale helps against heart disease

Kale is packed with fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B, and potassium. These are all substances that are good for our hearts.

In addition, scientists discovered in 2012 that people who consumed 4,068 milligrams of potassium daily were 49% less likely to die of heart disease compared to those who only received 1,793 grams per day. They also had a smaller risk of strokes, kidney stones, and less muscle loss. In short, kale benefits your heart health in many ways.

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3. Kale is packed with antioxidants

Kale is rich in antioxidants. These are substances that protect our bodies against harmful substances. Examples are vitamin C, beta-carotene and flavonoids.

Antioxidants not only reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer but also help us to age healthily. Finally, they work against inflammation, depression, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

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4. Kale Benefits to lower your cholesterol level

Research has shown that daily consumption of kale juice can raise your good cholesterol by 27% and lower your bad cholesterol by 10%.

In addition, scientists discovered that steaming the vegetables has just as powerful an effect as cholestyramine, a cholesterol-lowering drug.

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5. Kale helps protect your eyes

Kale is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. Studies have shown that these substances can help to prevent age-related deterioration of the eyes. It was found to help in particular against retinal aging and cataracts.

The Bottom Line:

Luckily, adding kale to your daily routine diet is a very simple thing. You can use it in recipes or add them to your salads.

A very simple and famous snack is kale chips, where you sprinkle avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil on your kale. Add some salt and then bake it in an oven until it gets dry.

It tastes really delicious and makes a super healthy and great crunchy snack.

Many people add kale to their smoothies in order to boost their nutritional value.

The health benefits of kale are countless. You can use it in different dishes, salads, smoothies, and snacks.

You can share your recipes in the comment section which you crafted with kale.

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