Amazing health benefits of eating purple onion

Amazing health benefits of eating purple onion

If you usually separate this food from your meals because of its strong smell and taste, knowing the benefits of purple onion could change your preference. Yes, this plant is within the group of nutrients that favor your overall health.

Purple onion has a milder flavor than white, so it is easier to eat it raw or cooked in salads, sandwiches or pasta. According to The National Onion Association, these are some benefits that you can gain from consuming it.

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Prevents heart disease

There is evidence that sulfur compounds in purple onion have an anticoagulant capacity. They reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, according to a study by the Faculty of Science of the University of Kuwait. For its outcome to be real, it is mandatory to increase its utilization. Generally, relatively small amounts are eaten.

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Purple onion helps to Fight cancer

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Consuming it, even if they are moderate amounts five or six times a week, reduces the risk of developing various types of cancer, such as ovarian, colorectal, or larynx, thanks to its rich source of flavonoids.

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Purple onions are good for digestion

They contain few calories, only 45 per piece. Purple onions are low in sodium, without cholesterol or fat. They provide fiber, essential for good digestion, and to maintain a feeling of satiety.

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Purple onion helps to Increase mood

The folate found in onions reduces excess homocysteine, a substance that prevents certain nutrients from reaching the brain. purple onion also causes a decrease in serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, hormones that increase the feeling of well-being. It promotes oral health. Although eating purple onions causes bad breath, chewing it raw for two or three minutes helps kill most of the germs in the mouth that cause tooth decay, given its antimicrobial agents.

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Tip To avoid bad breath from eating the onion:

you could chew a sprig of parsley or rinse your mouth with water and lemon juice.

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