Blue Tea: Properties and Health Benefits (Especially For Weight Loss)

blue tea

Herbal teas have plenty of takers in these times, as a growing number of people arrive to know more about the possible negative effects of carbonated beverages such as routine coffee and tea.  Quite a few herbal teas also have made their mark tea fans around the entire world, for example, those made of blossoms such as blue and lavender pea.  While chamomile is quite fabled for its soothing and mild flavor that functions as a stress buster, tea created from blue pea blossoms isn’t that well-known.  Dried blue pea blossoms yield a boil that’s magnificent in shade and which may be enjoyed hot or cold.  Blue tea, created from blue pea blossoms, even offers quite a few health benefits.  Many folks use blue tea to weight loss, apart from its own antioxidant properties and its own ability to resist stress.

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What is it?

We know green tea, black tea, and red tea. But perhaps we have heard less about blue tea. This drink also known as oolong is produced in Asia, but it is little exported, hence it is somewhat difficult to find in other countries of the world. It offers various benefits that are worth knowing, such as that it is good for diet and weight loss and that it offers antioxidant properties, although less than other types of tea, among others.

What differentiates it from green or black tea?

We already know that they have a similar flavor, are popular in China, provide antioxidants, and are important for maintaining strong and healthy health.

So what difference is there between blue tea and the other two? Blue manages to make its mark and trace its own reputation for other teas for the following reasons:

  • The fermentation of blue tea is more complex than that of green tea, but also less than that of black teas.
  • The leaves with which the infusions of the blue drink are prepared are used in a more natural state than those of black tea.
  • It has the delicacy of a white tea but can be as good as a green one.
  • The flavor is more pleasant to taste for those who are new to teas.

Blue tea is so popular because it has important benefits for general health. Here we will review some of its main benefits:

Blue tea helps to lose weight

This drink is the favorite for all those who want to keep the line. Specifically, it helps lose weight because it benefits us when it comes to eliminating toxins and the best thing is that it eliminates fat from the body.

Why do you lose weight with blue tea?

The main benefit of this tea for weight loss is that it burns adipose tissue faster and more efficiently than other infusions. This is suggested by this study by the Beijing Technology and Business University.

  • It has an important ability to raise metabolism, reducing fat storage in the body.
  • Another appreciated the benefit of blue tea compared to other infusions is its natural flavor.
  • By going through a minor oxidation process, assimilation to new tastes is more tolerable. Every detail counts to achieve the goal: lose weight.
  • However,  you must take into account some contraindications that are in its use because it is an energy drink.

Therefore, those who suffer from the following pathologies should limit their consumption:

  • Anxiety.
  • Nervousness.
  • Insomnia.
  • Depression.
  • Anemia.
  • Clotting disorders.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Osteoporosis.

Take care of the liver

Like other types of tea, blue care for the liver and prevents it from being fatty.


Blue tea is an intermediate between green and black, so it has been slightly oxidized, and although it presents less than other teas. It is also an antioxidant, something fantastic to take care of the body both outside and inside. With this, we see that it provides a great diuretic function and also protects our skin from the anti-aging process.

Improves respiratory function

Among its properties, we find a remarkable improvement in respiratory function.

Lowers blood sugar

It is another advantage of drinking this drink that tastes perfectly throughout the time of year and we will find it in always specialized places.

Lowers blood pressure

Blue tea is good because it regulates cholesterol in the body and as a consequence, it protects us when contracting coronary heart disease. In addition, it reduces blood pressure so it helps to treat a variety of conditions. We recommend trying 31 Best Foods To Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally also.

Original infusion of blue tea

What better recipe than the original used in China to prepare a good cup of blue tea? Here we will explain all the details.


  • ½ teaspoon of blue tea leaves (2.25 g).
  • ½ cup of water (125 ml).


  • Heat the water without boiling.
  • Then add the leaves and let stand 3-4 minutes.
  • After that time, enjoy the delicious drink and also its incredible benefits for weight loss.

Note: Quality blue tea leaves can be used multiple times. In fact, it is said that with each new use, the flavor of the tea improves. The same sheets can be used up to 5 times.

Now you know the effects of this powerful drink and you will surely include it in your diet.

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