How to hydrate dry skin with home remedies

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Most creams to hydrate the dry skin contain harmful chemicals not recommended. Today we show you how to hydrate the dry skin with natural products.

Having very dry skin is a condition that, although it is not a serious problem, it is annoying for those who suffer from it. It is true that we can use a large number of products, including moisturizers for dry skin,  but better if we do it naturally so as not to damage it.

For this, we have prepared this article on how to hydrate dry skin, in which we show you the best home remedies.

Home remedies to hydrate the dry skin

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Almond oil

it is an excellent product to combat very dry skin, ideal also to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. This is because it has a high content of fatty acids and antioxidants, properties derived from vitamins A and E present in almonds, which are beneficial for the skin. You should apply it after the shower when your body is still hot because the pores will be open and will penetrate the skin better. You can use it up to three times a week.

Mashed Potato with Yogurt

If you want to hydrate your skin, we show you how to make a moisturizer for dry skin with two natural ingredients: potato and yogurt. Yogurt contains lactic acid, a moisturizing ingredient for the skin that also removes dead cells and exfoliates naturally. To do this, mix both ingredients to form a homogeneous mixture and apply it to the skin for 20 minutes. Remove it after this time with warm water and your skin will look like new. You can repeat this treatment up to twice a week.


Many attest that urea cream is an excellent moisturizer for the skin. And we do not question it, but they contain chemicals that could damage the dermis. Unlike clay, a 100% natural product with numerous properties, including antibacterial, thanks to which it cleans the deep layers of the skin and thus favors the good appearance of the epithelial layer. There are several types of clay, but for very dry skin, white powder is recommended.

To use it, you will only have to mix a little with water as you need so that it does not spoil, apply it to the face for 20 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water. You can use it up to three times a week, and if you add a few pieces of cucumber the results will be even better. Still, if your skin gets too dry, you can mix it with yogurt instead of water.


Thanks to its natural structure, the egg is an optimal product to hydrate very dry skin. This is because it contains vitamins E and vitamin B12, and the deficiency of the latter could lead to various skin disorders. Also, if you mix it with oats, you will achieve a much more effective formula. To make this recipe, mix two eggs with half a cup of oatmeal until completely combined. Helping you with a brush, apply the mask to your face, and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then remove with lukewarm water. You can repeat the application up to twice a week.

Why do we have dry skin

The main cause of having very dry skin is that the body loses water and we become dehydrated with age. This is reflected in the skin that is losing luminosity, there are even people who suffer from dry skin from an early age.

Something fundamental that you should know is that dry skin requires daily care to prevent premature wrinkles, as well as an adequate diet to provide it with everything necessary and to remain hydrated and nourished from the inside.

The main reasons for having too dry skin are:

  • Smoking.
  • Hormonal disorder
  • Lack of care, especially facials.
  • Diet deficient in healthy fats.
  • Dehydration from not drinking enough fluids.
  • Excessive use of facial cosmetics.
  • Exposure to the sun or excessively aggressive climates.

Tips to avoid dry skin

First of all, consume more healthy fats to nourish the skin, and rest assured, these fats are assimilated correctly by the body and do not cause fat deposits. Besides, they produce a feeling of greater satiety and help build muscle. These healthy fats can be found in foods such as:

  • Nuts, especially pine nuts and macadamia nuts.
  • Bluefish.
  • Yolk.
  • Aguacate.
  • Vegetable oils: olive oil, sesame, flax, wheat germ, coconut, or sunflower.
  • Drinking enough water also prevents dry skin, a much more natural method than a moisturizer for dry skin. It is better to drink it outside meals, and much better if you drink between 2 and 4 glasses of water on an empty stomach, something very beneficial not only for your skin but for your entire body.
  • Be careful with exfoliating dry skin, you could dry it out even more. Instead, you can perform a massage with natural, mild soap on your skin. If you use a facial tonic or urea cream, for example, do it at night before bed, it will have a greater effect.
  • An ideal facial toner for dry skin you can make at home with water, apple cider vinegar, and a few drops of rosemary or lavender essential oil. Also, to hydrate your skin without requiring a dry skin moisturizer, you can use rosehip oil or argan oil. You no longer have excuses to show off beautiful and luminous skin.

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