What is a protein powder for?

protein powder

What is Protein Powder for?

Today I want to clarify some common questions about protein powder. Since there is a great series of myths that I hear about these products every day, so let’s start.

What is protein powder?

Protein powder is a dietary supplement for rapid digestion, that is, the body absorbs it without difficulty. Extracted from certain foods, usually milk, eggs, and soybeans. These will be processed until they are left in powder form.

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What is a protein powder for?

The protein, in general, has a plastic function in the body. It is responsible for building and repairing muscle tissues, organs, tendons, nails, and skin. Simply the protein is a very important macronutrient to live. Normally protein powder as a supplement used to increase dietary protein intake when not consumed through food.

Is protein powder artificial?

No, the protein powder extracted from milk, egg, or soy, for example, the most common protein is whey. When the milk coagulates during the cheese production process, a yellow liquid is left that is the whey of the milk, From there they separate the fat and leave the protein that will subsequently go through a drying process. And from there they take out the protein Whey powder that is the most common protein. It is not something invented in a laboratory, so we can consider that the protein is not an artificial product. If a person is a lactose intolerant they can opt for the proteins of Egg or soy.

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If I eat protein, do I get a giant?

We have heard many times people who say, “I do not consume protein because I am natural,” or phrases such as: “If I take that I will grow a lot.” First of all, Healthzigzag clarifies that protein powder, not a steroid, nor a drug. In the sports industry, powder proteins are considered natural supplements and we talked earlier about where they take the protein powder.

Increase your muscle mass
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Proteins consumed by footballers, runners, marathoners, swimmers, etc. Most of the supplements help to give better performance. In this case, the protein helps to replenish tissues and in the case of increased muscle mass it helps, but not as many people think, increase the Muscle. Depends a lot on a high-calorie diet and that a part of these calories come from protein.

Who can consume protein powder?

Virtually anyone can consume protein powder. It does not necessarily need to be an athlete to consume it in their diet. Protein is needed by everyone, even a dog. Protein powders are very practical for people who live at a very fast pace of life. For example, in the morning you do not have time to prepare a breakfast or at work, you do not have time to eat. You arrive at the house and have not eaten almost anything during the day, then you take a protein shake. In that course, At the time it would be an excellent option because you will not be consuming sweets or junk food. With this, you would be contributing to your body something healthier and more necessary.

Also for people who want to increase their muscle mass, protein is the main macronutrient for building muscle tissue. These people need to consume twice as much protein as an ordinary person because if you do not reach your daily requirements with your usual diet, consuming a protein shake will be of great help.

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Is it necessary to consume protein powder to increase muscle mass?

Not necessarily, as long as the person consuming the amounts of protein that their body needs per day. It is good to use protein combined with a balanced diet. But today you can see the abuse of these supplements. That you have to consume it just get up, in the middle of the morning, before training, after training, and before bedtime. It is evident that the body needs protein but it does not mean that every time. it has to come only from a supplement, that’s what food is for. According to studies, the consumption of protein, whey, after training increases protein synthesis for 300 minutes (5 hours) in untrained subjects. A protein scoop contains approximately 25 grams of it.

The amount varies according to the brand and the size of the spoon that comes in its packaging. This 25 gr of protein is the same amount that is in 110 grams of chicken breast. As the name implies is a supplement, not necessary. However, powdered proteins contain the amino acids that our body needs. If for example, you leave training and you have to go to work or study and you do not have time to prepare a meal you can make a protein shake. That will cover that need at that time-specific, that’s why it’s very practical. One point to clarify is that food should never be replaced with a milkshake. What I mean is that you don’t replace all meals to consume only milkshakes.

The Bottom Line

Proteins are not bad, they are not a steroid and anyone could consume them. Protein powder is not necessary as long as you have a good diet and you are providing the macronutrients that your body needs according to your goals. However, it is good to have a jar of protein powder at home as mentioned above because it can take you out of a hurry or simply to vary or include it in a recipe. It is essential to know that protein shakes are not miraculous. That they bring their benefits, but that they should be treated as one more meal, not as something that will make us grow miraculously. We must have discipline in food and train hard to have good results.

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