What you need for healthy hair and nails?

What you need for healthy hair and nails

Dream of beautiful hair and strong nails? Begin personal care with proper nutrition. First of all, it is worth including in the diet products containing silicon and sulfur – it is these microelements that affect the condition of hair and nails.

Silicon and sulfur are found in seafood – mussels, shrimp, and squid. It is also useful to eat seaweed [1]. Of drinks, it is better to give a warning to tomato juice, you can drink it a few glasses a day. Also, folk care products help strengthen hair and legs.

How to improve hair condition

What you need for healthy hair and nails
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The condition of the hair directly depends on what foods we eat. Poor nutrition leads to dullness and brittle hair. For their health, vitamins, amino acids and minerals are needed, which you can find in:

  • sweet potatoes
  • poultry meat
  • fish
  • fresh vegetables
  • cereals
  • nuts
  • Fruit

Yeast extract perfectly strengthens hair. This is a natural supplement enriched with B vitamins. You can apply burdock oil to the scalp twice a week, contributes to hair growth.

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We combined a list of 50 super healthy foods. These foods are not only good for your hair and nails health but also general health. You can read about them by clicking the link given below.

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Healthy and beautiful nails

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90% of nails consist of keratin, as well as water, fats, calcium, zinc, and sulfur. Any stressful situations slow down the growth of nails, a deficiency of vitamin D negatively affects their condition. The nails exfoliate, become thinner and slowly grow, mainly due to improper care or an unbalanced diet.

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To always look well-groomed nails, you need to regularly do manicures and healing baths, for example:

  • From unrefined sunflower oil – just warm up the oil a little and dip your fingers into it for ten minutes. The procedure is recommended to be performed once a week;
  • From lemon juice – squeeze the juice from half a lemon and hold your fingers in it for ten minutes, then treat your hands with nutritious cream (repeat twice a week);
  • With sunflower oil, iodine and vitamin A – mix half a tablespoon of oil with three drops of iodine and five drops of vitamin, immerse your fingers in this mixture for twenty minutes and repeat every day for two weeks;
  • From sea salt – it is enough to dissolve a tablespoon of salt in a glass of water and apply such a bath every other day for two and a half weeks.

What is a good diet for healthy nails?

A significant improvement in the condition of nails allows a balanced diet. Healthzigzag recommends you to include these foods in your diet:

  • fresh vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, peppers)
  • liver
  • fish
  • cottage cheese
  • cheese
  • milk
  • egg yolks
  • butter and vegetable oil
  • fruits and berries
  • Greens

Optimally, if 75% of the diet is plant foods. You should also protect your nails from damage, for example, use gloves when cleaning or washing dishes.

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