What are alkaline foods?

alkaline foods

What are alkaline foods?

The alkaline foods are those foods that raise our blood pH and prevent cancer diseases. To the contrary of what happens to those foods which we call acids and are very commonly consumed in our diets such as meat, fish, or dairy. To carry a healthy and balanced diet, we do not need to remove these last foods from our menu. But we do compensate them with the most alkaline foods, those that we can easily find and with which we will improve our health. Thanks to their intake since in an alkaline medium, the cancer cells cannot increase. In Healthzigzag, we are going to summarize, which are the most potent alkaline foods so that you can add them to your diet quickly and simply.

List of alkaline foods


Health Benefits OF Broccoli
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The broccoli is an alkaline food powerful inhibiting acids that cause cancerous conditions. Broccoli helps the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, and the detoxification processes of the body by the production of chelating antioxidants that it has. Which, in turn, is a potent anti-inflammatory.

You can add it to your daily diet as a complement to your salads. It is recommended that you consume it three to four times a week. You can read briefly about in our article about Health Benefits OF Broccoli.


alkaline foods
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The avocado contains a wide range of nutrients with a significant anti-inflammatory effect. Which promotes heart and cardiovascular health, lowers blood sugar levels, and prevents cancer. We speak of avocado as an alkaline food that, thanks to its high oleic acid content, reduces the cholesterol level and increases that of high-density lipoproteins while decreasing low-density lipoproteins. Its oleic acids slow down the development of cardiovascular diseases and favor the production of chelating acid antioxidants.

In addition to avocado, other alkaline ingredients can be found in the food group of fruits, such as lemon, papaya, mango, grapes, apple, pineapple, pear, and figs.

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The spinach is vegetables most beneficial, and we can more easily get and to use in our daily dishes and salads multiple recipes. Spinach is alkalizing vegetables, like those green leafy vegetables, that contain a large amount of chlorophyll and aid in the generation of red blood cells.

The high content of vitamins K, A, C, B2, E, and to them added manganese, folic acid, iron, calcium, potassium, and dietary fiber, makes spinach one of the most complete and healthy foods. They strengthen our system, providing us with enough nutrients and energy to carry a healthy and balanced diet. You just have to add this vegetable to our daily dishes.


The kale is another vegetable alkalizing. Highly valued for its anticancer effects by its antioxidant power and reduce elevated cholesterol levels. It is not one of the most common foods in our diet. But if we include it in it, we will see that the levels of dietary and metabolic acidity drop.

Due to its high content of vitamins and chlorophyll, kale is a great precursor of red blood cells. Which, by increasing their quantity, improve our hemoglobin and hematocrit. Kale, also, contains glucosinates, which favors the blockage of acids, but how? Our body transforms glucosinates into alkalizing components that block acids and protect cells from metabolic and dietary acids that cause diseases or conditions, including cholesterol. For this, it is more beneficial than we consume it with steam rather than raw.


health benefits of eating cucumber
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The cucumber has a difference concerning any other fruit and vegetables, and it is its high water content. We are talking about 95% alkaline water, making it a highly hydrating and antioxidant food. It contains three lignans called lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol that significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Cucumbers also reduce the risk of some cancers such as breast cancer, bladder, ovarian, and prostate cancer.

Besides, along with this massive amount of water, cucumber contains alkaline minerals. These minerals are very beneficial for our health, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, selenium, copper, manganese, and zinc.


The pepper is a powerful antioxidant that, thanks to its texture and flavor. You can consume it in any way and include it in all our dishes. Its high content in different carotenoids makes it very beneficial for health, and the possibilities of suffering diseases such as cardiovascular, type II diabetes, cancer, macular degeneration, or inflammation decrease.

Besides, it is the food that contains the most common antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E. In addition to the other antioxidant components, such as flavonoids, which protect our immune system from suffering from cancerous diseases.


Properties and health benefits of celery
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The celery is another vegetable alkaline with a large amount of water and serves as a base for many soups or juices. The nutrients it contains have been observed to lower cholesterol and inhibit the formation of cancer cells.

On the other hand, vitamin C that celery contains is highly beneficial, as we have been commenting on throughout the article. Since it strengthens the immune system avoiding conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, or vascular problems. It is very diuretic due to its high percentage of potassium and sodium. Allowing the body to get rid of excess acidic fluids. Published By Healthzigzag.com

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