How to make your small eyes look bigger?

How to make your small eyes look bigger?

How to make your small eyes look bigger?:

How to make your small eyes look bigger. Get now a most seductive and feminine look with this ‘zoom’ effect and … Show off your big eyes!

Shadows with shimmer effects, highlighters, a combination of textures, torn lines … We teach you how to make up your small eyes with a few simple tricks. You will get a magnetic look using just a little makeup.

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How to make your small eyes look bigger

get bigger eyes with makeup

Many aesthetic treatments can help us to enlarge small eyes to achieve an optical effect that opens your eyes and leaves a more impressive look. However, they can be summarized in two: delineate the lower part of the eye by blurring to avoid very defined strokes, and extend the shadows with an ascending stroke in the outer third.

It is also important when applying makeup for small eyes, follow these procedures:

  • Use an illuminator to open your gaze.
  • Outline the lower and upper lines of the lashes on the outside, thereby lengthening the line.

Pay attention, we show you how to paint your eyes so that your gaze is the center of attention wherever you go.

  1. Dark shadow on the outside

It is essential that when you use dark eye makeup you avoid applying them to the entire eyelid. Ideally, you should do it only on the outside or you will end up getting just the opposite effect, that your eyes seem even smaller.

Blend well upwards to lengthen shadows and to gradually lose color. Also, apply a shadow with glitter or golden sparkles in the center of the eyelid, you will get more light to your eyes immediately. You can also use the lightest and brightest shadows in the center of the eyelid along with the dark shadows on the outside. To do this, you can use the lighter shade as a highlighter to open your eyes and get scandalous eyes.

  1. Black pencil is prohibited in the lower waterline

Better opt for ivory, beige or champagne shade instead of the classic black pencil in the lower waterline. The reason; they give much more amplitude to your eyes. However, if you are one of those who do not know how to paint their eyes without dark makeup, apply it flush to the lower lashes instead of in the waterline and blend it smoothly.

  1. Use shiny textures

Eyeshadows with shiny shimmer textures will be great allies to make up small eyes. This will make your eyes appear larger since the matte and dark shadows will do the opposite effect.

  1. Points of light

One of the infallible tricks to enlarge your eyelids is to give a few points of light in strategic places, such as the arch of the eyebrow and the tear. In this way, you will be able to open your gaze more while achieving an immediate eyelid lifting effect. You just have to make up your eyes with an illuminator that acts as a mirror to offer the light that will make your eyes appear bigger.

  1. Ripped liner

Finally, one of the tricks that we show you about how to paint small eyes is to use a torn outline. This trick is one of the most suitable to give the feeling of bigger eyes, but better to do it in a color other than black or to mark it too much.

Choose softer colors, such as gray or ocher. To finish applying makeup to small eyes, apply mascara to give more volume, paying special attention to the outer lashes.

How to paint small eyes step by step

  • Before starting, you must prepare the skin of the area that you are going to make up well. In the case of the eye contour, to soften the appearance of dark circles apply a quick absorption gel to apply makeup later.
  • Next, you will have to add extra light and improve the appearance of dark circles with a good concealer. Apply the product on the tear, the lower eye area, and under the eyebrow, your eyes will instantly light up.
  • Before starting to color, we recommend that you use a primer for the eyes. It is ideal not only as a primer for shadows, but also to unify the tone of the mobile eyelid and prepare the area to apply color.
  • Now you can go to the shadows. We recommend that you choose white or silver shades because they have a lot of pigmentation. You can apply it with a brush or with your finger to obtain a more intense color.
  • It is time to mark the basin with shadows. Do it gently and you can give depth to your look by marking the mobile eyelid.
  • We turn to the last tips on how to paint the eyes. To enlarge your eyes, forget about creating a very marked black eye-line, or you will only make them smaller. Better use a gray or ocher pencil with small strokes as an outline flush with the eyelashes. Blur it out later so it’s not so obvious. When you get to the outside of the eye, blend it out.
  • Don’t forget about the lower lashes when it comes to applying eye makeup. But do not use the eyeliner in the waterline, it will be best to do it halfway out.
  • Finally, the mascara will open your eyes and get bigger eyes. But forget about those that provide a lot of density, or the eye will be saturated.

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