How to lighten the skin with natural products?

How to lighten the skin with natural products

How to lighten the skin with natural products :

The skin is exposed to external aggressions that cause a fatigued and darkened dermis. We show how to lighten the skin with homemade tricks.

There are many reasons why the natural tone of our skin can be affected, such as external agents and the passage of time. However, you can restore its original tone and lighten the skin to make it look young again.

We know that skin lightening methods have been questioned for their side effects, but there are home remedies that are safe and effective. Next, we show you how to lighten the skin with a series of natural products. But follow our advice, some can be harmful if you don’t use them well.

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Even though these treatments have not been scientifically endorsed, there are a wide variety of home remedies that can lighten the skin of certain darker areas of our body. However, since it is not known if they are 100% safe, we recommend that you use them with caution.

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), even commercial over-the-counter skin lightening products are not safe or effective [1]. Therefore, we recommend that, if you have problems with skin blemishes, visit a dermatologist.

In any case, although there is no evidence to support the benefits of natural skin lightening, some ingredients have been popularly employed that appear to have a beneficial effect without harmful effects on the skin. Here are some of them.

Turmeric to lighten the skin

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This spice helps to inhibit excessive melanin production but has not been proven by any study. Despite this, turmeric used topically or ingested can be beneficial for health and skin.

Above all, it can help with the treatment and prevention of facial photoaging, oral lichen planus, psoriasis, itching, acne, and other skin problems. To use it safely, make a mask with the spice powder and use it regularly.

Plain yogurt to lighten your skin

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This other remedy manages to lighten the skin naturally, although there is no scientific evidence either. However, those who have tried it suggest that it can be quite beneficial for this purpose.

What has been done is a systematic review that indicates that fermented products, such as yogurt, are beneficial for the skin, both used topically and ingested.

Colloidal oats

As in the previous cases, there is no evidence to help us sign that this product reduces stains. However, it can be used without problems because it is a beneficial ingredient for general health, as well as for the skin.

It is also useful for dryness problems and, to use it correctly, you just have to moisten the oatmeal with milk and use it as a mask.

Rinse the skin with lemon

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One of the most outstanding skin lightening products is lemon. This is because citric acid has bleaching properties, but for optimal results, it is best to mix the juice of a lemon with natural yogurt, another quite bleaching ingredient, as we have seen.

But you must be careful not to expose your skin to the sun after rinsing the skin with lemon since spots could appear. Ideally, apply it at night and repeat 2 times a week.


This ingredient is ideal for naturally lightening skin and restoring tone, making it look more even and radiant. It is also indicated to smooth rough and dry areas of our body. To do this, liquefy two small potatoes, strain the resulting liquid and apply it to the skin, leaving it to act for 15 minutes.

Steps to follow to lighten the skin

  1. Before applying any of these treatments to lighten the skin naturally, it must be clean and without residues. Thus, it will better absorb the nutrients of the products we use.
  2. Then, use one of the natural remedies that we have offered to lighten your skin. You can also put a few drops of milk on an absorbent disc and apply it to the areas you want to bleach. Let it work overnight and rinse in the morning with plenty of cold water.
  3. If you also want your skin to be flawless and free of impurities, try rice water. This food contains starch that, traditionally used, can enhance the white color. To do this, boil a handful of rice in two cups of water and bring to a boil. Let cool, moisten a cotton disk with this liquid and run it over the desired area, then rinse with cold water.

Tips to avoid skin blemishes

Lightening the skin is not the best option, and home remedies can be ineffective, as can over-the-counter ones. Therefore, the best way to combat skin blemishes is to prevent them. Here are some tips to do it successfully :

  • Choose safe skin-lightening products, such as those that include vitamin C, hydroquinone, retinol, or glycolic acid.
  • Avoid products that contain steroids or mercury, as they can cause pimples and skin rashes. Also, mercury is very toxic.
  • Whether you have spots or not, use sunscreen every day with an SPF 30 or higher.
  • Maintain a healthy and healthy diet, consume two liters of water a day, and exfoliate the skin naturally with gentle products.
  • For other methods that can lighten the skin, consult your dermatologist for possible options.

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