5 ways to hydrate your skin

ways to hydrate your skin

5 ways to hydrate your skin

Today we are going to discover some ways to hydrate your skin, focusing on the facial skin, a delicate and continuously exposed area that needs special care.

The most essential thing to hydrate your skin accurately is to be steady with the formulas you will discover below. If you are not constant, it is most likely that you will not be able to benefit from everything that this care can bring you.

Just as it is important to pay attention to internal hydration, it is important to consider our skin type when choosing a cream

Ways to hydrate your skin

Next, we will discover some ways to hydrate our skin easy and simple. You probably know some of them. However, it never hurts to remember her.

  1. Drink the water your body asks for

They always warn us about how important it is to drink between one and 2 liters of water a day. However, the right amount for you will depend on your lifestyle.

If you exercise a lot, drinking two liters of water a day is likely very little.

ways to hydrate your skin
juices, broths, and herbal teas are good sources of liquids

For example, a person who works in a gym usually consumes between 3 and 4 liters of water daily.

Always having a glass of water nearby will help you remember to drink water since sometimes you can forget it. In the case that it costs you to drink water there are other alternatives. For example infusions, water with lemon, the water of flavors, etc.

When you start drinking the water you need, you will realize that your skin is more hydrated, brighter and looks better. It is worth the effort!

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  1. Use an appropriate cream

To hydrate your skin correctly you must know what type of skin you have . for example, You may have mixed, dry, normal or atopic skin.

Many times we believe that we have the skin of a certain type and use inappropriate creams. This can cause the cream to be a nuisance and, therefore, we are not constant. The most relevant thing is that the cream will not work as it should.

If you do not know and are not able to identify for yourself the type of skin you have, in an aesthetic center or by going to a skin specialist they can reliably tell you.

  1. Use sunscreen

It is also important that we choose a sunscreen suitable for our skin and, above all, suitable for the face.  The sunscreen should always be used, after the usual cream, regardless of the season in which we are.

sunscreen for skin
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Sometimes, many creams claim to have a protection factor, however, this does not exceed 30 FPS. Ideally, the face is protected with a protection factor of 50 FPS.

In summer, yes or yes, even if we are taking a walk, we should carry a protection factor on it. The heat causes our skin to perspire and lose hydration.

  1. Attention to how to remove makeup

There are many products to remove our faces that are aggressive with our skin. Also, we should never use alcohol to remove makeup.

Ideally, use an oil or a soft cream for our face that removes makeup easily. We should always do this.

Sleeping with makeup is not a good idea. In the long term, it not only dehydrates our skin but also causes another series of consequences.

  1. Use moisturizing masks

The last of the tips to hydrate your skin is to pamper it, at least every 15 days by giving it a mask treatment. We can buy it or make it homemade.

The masks, the more natural they are, the better. Of course, we must take into account the type of skin we have.

For example, if we have a delicate and very dry skin to use, a clay mask can do us more harm than good.

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The constancy when hydrating your skin

Many times due to desire and lack of time we fall into many mistakes. For example, we do not remove makeup every day, we do not drink the right amount of water, we do not use cream daily and much less sunscreen.

This subtracts hydration to our skin. Something that is not perceived when our skin is young, but it is noticed as the years go by.

Therefore, it is very important to start as soon as possible to know how to hydrate our skin properly and carry it out constantly.

Are you constant in the application of your dreams? Does hydrating your skin make an effort? Do you already do it the right way?

Remember that the facial skin is very delicate and is always exposed. Taking proper care of it will keep it healthy without spots and premature wrinkles.

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