How to Be Mindful with Your Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine

How to Be Mindful with Your Skincare Routine

Having in mind the fact that the skin is the largest organ of our body, it would be natural to pay great attention to a skincare routine. However, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often work mechanically throughout our days and don’t pay enough attention to skincare rituals. You may have your morning and evening routines where you cleanse, moisturize, and tone the skin. But how much thought are you putting into it? Are you being observant of what ingredients your skincare products contain? Are you investing in clean companies or do you just randomly pick a cleanser or a facial serum? If the answer to all of these questions is no, the following suggestions will help you become mindful of your skincare routine.

Mindfulness unveiled

Mindfulness unveiled

First, we should point out what mindfulness is all about. If you’ve been listening about it in the past year or so, but couldn’t figure out what the whole fuss was about. We can tell you that mindfulness is just one of the ways to help you be more present. Namely, mindfulness is all about living in the present moment, rather than contemplating the future or the past. How often did you ask yourself if you’ve locked the front door or turned off the stove before leaving the house, even though you always do it? If the answer is too many times, chances are you’re living your life on autopilot, instead of mindfully.

Thinking about all the errands and duties you need to deal with while you’re making coffee or walking out of the house, instead of dedicating to the actions you’re performing, don’t make you live in the moment but the future. Consequently, your mind doesn’t even register that you’ve locked the house because you’re too busy thinking about something else. Practicing mindfulness can boost your happiness and decrease the stress you feel day in day out. That’s why you should put more thought into your daily activities, instead of allowing your brain to be elsewhere. It’ll be beneficial both to your body and mind. A good way to start is to introduce mindfulness into your skincare.

Find a peaceful nook

The first step in becoming more mindful about your skincare is to find a special relaxing nook where you’ll perform your skincare rituals. It can be your bathroom, vanity in the bedroom, or whichever spot you think can offer you enough relaxation and peace in the minutes when you’re massaging, moisturizing, or cleansing your skin. Surrounding yourself with calming scents like lavender or some other herbs, playing soothing spa-like tunes, and lighting aromatherapy candles to offer you a true Zen-like ambiance will allow you to completely dedicate yourself to your skincare.

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Relish the moment

From cleansing the skin with micellar water to washing it up with lukewarm water and a cleansing foam following up with a firming toner and moisturizing serum, all of these steps are probably the main parts of your skincare routine. But how much thought are you putting into the entire process? Do you go to bed not being able to remember whether you’ve skipped a step or not? If so, your mind is wandering instead of focusing on your skincare ritual.

Try to change your ways, and instead of rushing the ritual, take a deep breath and take it slowly, questioning and appreciating every moment of your skincare routine. Before you start, look yourself in the mirror, take a good look at your skin and inspect it. Look for any signs of dryness, oiliness, red patches, or maybe acne.

If you notice any irritations or skin abnormalities, make sure you pay a visit to your local dermatologist and check it out. The more you’re being mindful the better you’ll get to know your skin and its needs. With every passing day, your skin will need new supplements. One day it will be a hydrating mask and the next a soothing serum. Allow for every product to work its magic by leaving it on for several minutes, as you observe your skin and pay attention to every step you take during the routine.

Know your ingredients

Know your ingredients for Skincare Routine

Instead of just grabbing the first moisturizer you see on the shelf, think about the ingredients you do and don’t want your skin to absorb. Parabens and silicones are just some of the harmful ingredients your skin won’t benefit but suffer greatly from. Toxic preservatives that many skincare products contain are commonly known to cause irritation, allergies, and skin sensitivities. Therefore, the next time you go shopping, check out the labels, and avoid such products. Every expert dermatologist will recommend natural skincare instead of products with synthetic ingredients. Living in the 21st century also allows you to download some cool apps, scan the products, and find out if they are good or bad for your skin.

Choose clean skincare companies

Choose clean skincare companies

Being mindful of your skincare is directly linked to being mindful of the environmental footprint you’re leaving. Namely, investing in clean cosmetic companies helps you become more mindful about yourself and the Earth as well. Look for companies that put the health of their consumers first without damaging the only home we have. The more time goes by, the more companies are becoming clean, allowing us to have flawless skin without endangering the rest of our health.

Introduce more massages into your routine

Applying a certain product on your skin shouldn’t be an automatic action, but rather a moment of pure enjoyment. Therefore, whether you’re using a serum or a body lotion, take your time to apply it by massaging it into your skin. This way you’ll allow the product to penetrate deeper into the skin and have better effects, making it radiant and supple. Besides, you’ll increase the blood flow in your body which will lead to more natural-looking skin in the long run.

Final thoughts

Being mindful will bring you peace and make your everyday life less stressful. Therefore, try to become more mindful about your skincare as well, if you want to get the best results and always look fresh and radiant.

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