5 ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

5 ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

5 ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

Experts – about the causes of the appearance of dark circles and effective methods of dealing with them

The most common cause of dark circles under the eyes is chronic overwork and lack of sleep. Lack of sleep gives the skin around the eyes pallor. Which makes the blood vessels more visible, and violet shadows from under the eyes. If this phenomenon is long and pronounced, then it can be a sign of diseases of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, pancreas. But the skin under the eyes will quickly respond to other factors. Initially, this is due to its special structure. The number of epidermal layers is much smaller, with few sebaceous glands, a small number of elastin and collagen fibers. Such a structure has the potential to slow down blood circulation and stagnate in this area.

5 ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes
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Dark circles are the circular muscle of the eye that shines through the skin. The muscle has a maroon, bluish color, and the skin around the eyes is thin, so it is so visible.

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Health check

Health Check
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The formation of dark circles is possible due to exposure to toxins. In this case, the restoration of proper liver function normalizes the skin around the eyes. To determine the condition of the liver, you need to contact a hepatologist who, after diagnosis, will prescribe treatment if necessary. Complex detoxification programs can also have a positive effect on the liver condition (but not just two days on smoothies and juices, but several weeks on a special diet with special procedures). It should be noted that if you do not remove the main reason for the formation of dark circles, then the result of external therapy will be practically zero.

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Permanent makeup

permanent makeup
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Dark circles can be camouflaged using permanent make-up: a lighter pigment is introduced into the lower eyelid region, covering the dark skin tone. The effect of such a procedure lasts about three to five years. The higher the rate of metabolic processes, the shorter the effect. For example, athletes can hold it for three years, and for those who are not fond of fitness, all five.

In the case of permanent makeup of the lower eyelids, the pigment is introduced below the layer in which the melanocytes lie (they are responsible for the production of melanin, they are almost at the dermis). Therefore, stories like “tanned in the summer, and a white spot around the eyes” is more like the handwriting of an unprofessional master who introduced pigment superficially.

If you decide on the procedure, it is important to exclude a tanning bed and taking vascular preparations a few days before it. The procedure itself lasts an average of a couple of hours. In the early days, the color of makeup will be a little brighter.

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it is important to know so as not to panic. Also, within four days after the permanent, redness and swelling may remain in the lower eyelid, and the skin will peel off. For healing to proceed as quickly as possible, set aside all decorative cosmetics for a week and do not touch the crusts formed on the skin.

Dark circles treatment with injections

Dark circles treatment with injections
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Hyaluronic acid fillers visually relieve the problem. They injected quite deeply into the periorbital zone (the area around the eyes). Fillers raise the sunken areas, and also move the venous vessels from the surface of the skin, thereby visually smoothing the problem.

Fillers could be administered once, and the effect lasts up to a year. Biorevitalizants are an even more effective solution. Which introduced into the area around the eyes and correct the mask bags, solve the problem of forming periorbital hernias at the initial stage, eliminate dark bags under the eyes, pastiness, increase skin tone and turgor, fight facial wrinkles.

Efficiency achieved by activating the lymph flow and increasing the number of actively functioning vessels of the arterial system. Eliminating the pathological expansion of the vessels of the venous system and reducing their permeability in the periorbital region.

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There are many special formula products for the area around the eyes. It does not attract water; therefore, it does not cause swelling. This filler consists of stabilized and unstabilized hyaluronic acid. The main thing is that venous and lymphatic outflow in the orbit is normalized, which is very important.

Dark circles treatment with laser resurfacing

Dark circles under eyes treatment with Laser resurfacing
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When the cause of dark circles: the genetic characteristics of certain ethnic groups associated with the deposition of pigment, then, in this case, it is optimal to use fractional and laser resurfacing. They create zones of thermocoagulation (thermal damage) down to the basement membrane, where the cells grow from. It affects the basement membrane, as a result, new skin cells created. And if at the same time substances used that suppress the excess production of melanin by the cells, then the skin could be lightened.

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Microcurrents and massages

Microcurrents and massages
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In the area around the eyes, it is useful to do procedures that improve the lymph flow. Lymph carries away toxins and the blood does not stagnate. Hernias do not appear or do not progress.

Hardware procedures stimulate blood microcirculation, improve its outflow, increase lymphatic drainage. This is a hardware massage, microcurrent therapy, iontophoresis. Sometimes doctors may recommend the administration of carbon monoxide, which brightens and strengthens the skin.

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As for the temporary solution, masking, before applying the creams. It is better to use patches from the refrigerator or wipe the skin with ice to cheer up and remove the swelling.

The masking technique will be different depending on whether it is bags or hollows under the eyes. If you need to mask the hollows with a bluish tint, then we select the corrector of yellow color.

If you have tanned skin, then orange (peach) correctors will cope with blue. Purple concealers are suitable for masking pigmentation in the area around the eyes (brown circles). To visually hide the nasolacrimal groove, you need to choose a concealer half a ton lighter than the skin or foundation. And if it is necessary to visually reduce the swelling, the concealer should be half a ton darker than the foundation.

It is important to blend the product correctly. In no case should finger or hand movements follow the furrow line: this will emphasize it even more. When applying a corrector or concealer, it is necessary to go beyond the boundaries of the cavity towards the cheeks.

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