How to pluck your eyebrows: tips to always have them groomed

how to pluck your eyebrows

We teach you the correct way to pluck your eyebrows as a professional would. Following some simple tricks, you will boast of perfect eyebrows.

Eyebrows can make a face completely change expression, they can enhance the look and give us a better image. That is why having well-groomed eyebrows is very important to improve our aesthetics and this begins with the way to pluck your eyebrows.

We are going to teach you how to pluck your eyebrows as if you were a professional so that they are perfect according to your face since not all types of faces are equally suited to the same style of the eyebrow. You must know how to choose the shape and the thickness that we are going to give the eyebrow according to our physiognomy.

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Tips to keep in mind before plucking your eyebrows

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There are several tips you can follow if you want to make eyebrow waxing less bothersome:

  • Moisturize the area:  apply moisturizer to the eyebrows. In this way, the skin will be more prepared for waxing and you will not suffer irritations in the area, also, the hair of the eyebrow will be more beautiful and when we comb it will be more difficult than us let’s find unruly hairs that are not put in place.
  • Try to pluck the eyebrows after showering, the eyebrow hair will not be so hard and it will be easier to remove it.
  • When you go to extract a hair with the tweezers, pull in the direction in which the hair grows with an inclined angle, for example, about 45 degrees. In this way, we will hardly notice that we are removing the hair.
  • If you have very sensitive skin, you can apply a little ice to the area before waxing.

Analyze your face

  • Round face: the eyebrows sharp well – defined offset the roundness of your face, it is important to score well the peak.
  • Elongated face: the eyebrows should be almost flat, but with a small drop at the end to compensate for the verticality of the face.
  • Oval face: the arch of the eyebrow should be defined, but not too marked.
  • Square face: they should be angled eyebrows but less marked than on the round face. This will soften the volume of this kind of face.
  • Heart-shaped face: Angled eyebrows are recommended to contrast with the width of the forehead, but not too marked, always looking for a harmonious balance.

Mark your eyebrows before plucking

We must mark three points on each eyebrow that will serve as a guide when plucking and shaping our eyebrow. Mark these three points you can use an eyeliner.

  • To mark the first point we will draw an imaginary line from the tip of the nose to the corner of the eye, we will extend the imaginary line in the direction of the eyebrow and at the moment that our line intersects the eyebrow we will mark the point.
  • To mark the second point, we will draw another imaginary line from the tip of the nose to the iris of our eye, we will extend the line until it meets the eyebrow and we will mark the second point.
  • Finally, we will mark the third point by drawing an imaginary line from the nose flap to the tear. We will extend the imaginary line until we touch the eyebrow and we will mark the third and last point.

To help us draw the imaginary lines we can use a pencil, using it as if it were a ruler. Now that we have the three points marked on each eyebrow, shaping each one will be much easier.

Pluck and shape your eyebrows

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It must be clear what is the shape you want to give to the eyebrows as well as what is the shape of your face as we have seen in a previous section. When you know the shape of your face you must choose the shape of the eyebrow you want and you can get an idea of ​​how it will look on your face. Take care that both eyebrows are as harmonious as possible and well-formed.

Focusing on the shapes that we can give to the eyebrows, they can be grouped into thin, thick, horizontal, straight, angled, soft arches, with the most marked arches, etc. To give them this style, you always have to have tweezers, scissors to cut out, a brush as a guide, and a brush to comb them.

We must not forget to take into account the three points we made in the previous step, they are our reference.

We will join the points that we had marked in the previous step using an eyebrow pencil and we will draw the shape that we want to give to our eyebrows.

The next step is to comb the eyebrows and start plucking from the first point, closest to the tear l. Once we have finished shaping each of the eyebrows, we will comb them again and cut with scissors to match the shape, we must be very careful in this step because if we go over, the result will not be as expected.

Fill your eyebrows

  1. If you have bushy eyebrows, you will not need to fill in your eyebrows, but otherwise, filling in the eyebrows is much easier than we can imagine and is something that can be done in a few simple steps.
  2. Although we have pencils to carry out the task, with a “brow filler powder”  very natural results are achieved. Use an angled eyebrow brush and create different strokes, always in the direction the hair grows.
  3. The next step is to give the arches a more defined shape. Use a brush with a little concealer and apply it on the lower edge following the shape of the eyebrow. Later we will need a brush of the mascara as clean as possible, if we do not have any clean, we can use anyone and immerse it with isopropyl alcohol (or antiseptic). After this, we can use the mascara brush already sanitized and brush the eyebrows gently. In this way, we will ensure that no stiff or raised hair remains.
  4. To finish, you have to apply a single layer of transparent gel to make them look sharper and more groomed.

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