Home remedies to remove mustache hair naturally

Home remedies to remove mustache hair naturally

Home remedies to remove mustache hair naturally :

Discover how to remove mustache hair naturally and painlessly. Try these home remedies to remove or reduce facial hair once and for all.

If you are one of those women with a barely visible mustache who wants to look for alternatives to traditional hair removal methods, you are in the right article. You can do it at home and easily and does not usually cause discomfort or irritation.

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Some ingredients such as sugar, honey, turmeric, egg, and lemon allow developing natural treatments to weaken the root hair, facilitating its removal and delaying its growth. Besides, they give your skin a smoother and more radiant finish. Read on and discover how to remove mustache hair naturally and painlessly.

Sugar and lemon


You can make a homemade depilatory wax yourself with white sugar, lemon juice, and water. Its texture is grainy thanks to sugar and can help weaken hair from the roots. Additionally, lemon is astringent and a good natural bleach, making the mustache lighter and less visible.

To prepare this depilatory wax for women with a mustache, you should put in a pot two cups of sugar, the juice of one lemon, and a little water. The liquid should completely cover the sugar, heat the mixture over medium heat, and stir with a spoon until the sugar dissolves. When it reaches the boiling point, lower the heat and let it cook until you get a sticky, honey-like paste. Lastly, remove from heat and use this homemade wax in the same way that you would use a commercial wax. Spread a thin layer over the mustache and pull hard in the direction of hair growth.

Oatmeal, honey, and lemon

This home remedy gradually weakens the mustache hair and with it, you will obtain excellent results. Besides, the moisturizing properties of oats and honey will not cause irritation or dryness on your skin. The results are not entirely immediate, but if you repeat the treatment three times a week, in a short time you will see that it does work.

First, you need to grind a tablespoon of oat flakes into a fine powder. Afterward, mix it with two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice until you get a homogeneous solid paste. Then apply the ointment to the mustache area, massaging gently with your fingers and applying light pressure. Let stand for 15 minutes and remove with warm or cold water.


What is turmeric for, properties and benefits

Turmeric hair removal treatments stand out above the rest due to their effectiveness. This is because it acts as an effective exfoliant that helps reduce hair and slows its growth.

On the other hand, it offers longer-lasting hair removal, at the same time that it leaves a cleaner and healthier skin due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These are the treatments you can make with turmeric:

  • Turmeric and coconut oil: Mix half a small tablespoon of coconut oil and half a turmeric powder, apply on the mustache and let rest for about 10 minutes.
  • Turmeric and milk: combine half a small tablespoon of turmeric with a little milk until you get a kind of paste. Apply it on the upper lip and wait about 15-20 minutes until it dries.
  • Turmeric and Papaya – With a tablespoon of turmeric and two tablespoons of crushed papaya, you’ll get an effective natural remedy that all mustached women should try. Apply the mixture with circular massages and leave to act for 15 minutes. You will see how papain works, an enzyme present in papaya that works by breaking the hair follicle and slowing down hair growth.

If you want to check the results of these treatments more quickly, we recommend that you do them more than once a week.


To remove the hair from the mustache, the egg white is more useful, since when it dries on the skin it simulates the effect of waxing, removing the unwanted hair. Besides, it softens the skin, reduces pores, and acts as a powerful natural firming agent.

To start making this homemade depilatory wax, separate the yolk from the egg white and stick with the white. Add two tablespoons of honey and beat until you get a creamy paste. Spread a thin layer of this product over the mustache area with a brush or brush and allow it to dry completely. To finish, pull the dry mix firmly to remove it.

Chickpea flour

This product is used by women with an oriental mustache traditionally to remove unwanted hair. Also, the following remedy is prepared with yogurt and turmeric to lighten the skin.

Mix two tablespoons of chickpea flour and a small tablespoon of turmeric in a bowl. Add a small tablespoon of plain yogurt and stir until you get a consistent and homogeneous paste. Apply to the area to be shaved and leave to act for about 20 minutes, then removing with warm water or with cotton swabs dipped in water.

If you want to know how to permanently shave your mustache, it is best to use techniques such as laser hair removal or photo epilation. Especially it is recommended in women with abundant mustaches. On the contrary, if you have little hair you can try these natural techniques. Your results will surprise you!

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