How to properly shave your intimate area

How to properly shave your intimate area

How to properly shave your intimate area :

Below, we discuss the best and worst methods for removing hair from the intimate area. Discover how to shave the intimate area step by step.

Having an intimate area free of hair constantly is the dream of many and many. But, let’s admit it is sometimes painful if we choose an unsuitable method. Uncomfortable if we decide to go to an aesthetic center to do it to us, and irritating when the hair appears again and leaves your pores inflamed causing itching in the intimate area that is not very pleasant, true?

But, everything has its reason, and each hair removal method has its correct way of acting. Today, here, we are going to explain you the step by step of the most common forms of hair removal of the intimate area, so that you can have the pubis free of hairs, without consequences.

How to wax the intimate area

How to wax the intimate area

Using the wax for pubic hair removal will guarantee you between 4 to 6 weeks of an area free of pubic hair. But, we have to go with the truth ahead, the first few times it will hurt a lot, but once you get used to it, it is not so bad.

We have chosen to recommend hot wax for this area since it is much cleaner than cold wax and will prevent you from feeling sticky in the moments after waxing.

Pay attention to the steps you must follow:

  • A few days before hair removal, you should exfoliate the area so that your pores are open, and pubic hair removal is easier and less painful.
  • Your skin must be clean and dry. No use of creams or greasy lotions before hair removal.
  • If your skin has been in contact with the sun (in the groin area, for example), it is advisable to wait at least 24 hours to apply the wax or we could irritate the skin.
  • If you have very light or very sensitive skin, you should use a special less aggressive wax, such as aloe vera waxes that guarantee smoother hair removal.
  • Once in trouble, the wax should not be too hot. Think of it as a slightly more sensitive area than the rest of your body.
  • We do not recommend waxing while you have the period or the previous days, this will make you suffer more with the pulls.
  • When you finish waxing, it is essential to use a moisturizer. We recommend one that contains aloe vera.

How to shave the intimate area with a blade

By neglect, simplicity, that is, for whatever reason, most people always resort to this method. But we have to say that it is not the most suitable since the hair comes out again quickly and this makes it stronger.

However, if you are going to do it, you should follow the following steps to the letter:

  • First of all, apply shaving cream or a special gel to the pubic area. This step is very important since if we don’t do it we can irritate the skin or even cut ourselves.
  • Do it in the shower or have water on hand to be able to hydrate the skin while shaving pubic hair.
  • When you finish you must dry the area perfectly and you must apply a moisturizer or aloe vera.

Many people, especially women, prefer this method since it is fast and allows you to get a Brazilian wax in record time.

How to shave the intimate area with electric machines

This is one of the cheapest alternatives that exist to shave the pubis. But, keep in mind that, especially at the beginning, the pain is even more intense than that of wax, since these machines have a pincer roller and they eliminate hair by hair from the roots.

You should take the following steps into account before removing hair from your intimate area with this method:

  • Your pubic hair must be at least 3 mm long, since these machines, although they are quite effective, and are increasingly invented to catch even the shortest hairs, usually leave better results with long hair.
  • With this method, the hairs usually grow again in a cystic way, so we recommend that one day before waxing, exfoliate the area to be waxed, and also when you notice that the hairs come out again.
  • It is also recommended that you shower or bathe in hot water before you shave. This will make your pores open, thus favoring hair removal.
  • While you shave, you can apply cold compresses to the area to be shaved to gradually reduce pain.

How to epilate the intimate area with depilatory cream

We are sorry to tell you that using depilatory creams to shave your intimate area is the same as using blades. I mean, the shaved area won’t last just a few days, so think twice before you start.

If you have decided to do it because it seems the fastest and least aggressive method, go ahead, but consider these steps:

  • Unless you already know the cream in question, you should do a sensitivity test a few days before waxing.
  • You must apply the cream evenly before entering the shower. We do not recommend that you use this method for the labia minora as it may irritate.
  • It is very important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do not exceed the recommended time.
  • As in the other methods, you should apply a good moisturizer after your hair removal.

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