Few Things to Eat and Drink After You Have Worked Out

Few Things to Eat and Drink After You Have Worked Out

A good diet accounts for at least 70% of the weight-loss equation when it is about getting fit. You could eat the right things and boost your gains after working out. Or you could waste and make your hard work down the drain by eating the wrong food. Today we bring you a guide for the best things to eat and drink after working out:

The body rebuilds its glycogen stores after working out. It repairs and regrows the muscle proteins. When you eat the right nutrients after physical activity, it helps the body hastening this process. You must eat carbs and proteins after a workout. This leads to:

  • Increase muscle protein synthesis
  • Decrease muscle protein
  • Restore the glycogen stores and
  • Enhancer cover

Protein Shake

The breakdown of muscle protein is triggered by exercise. And the rate at which it occurs relies on the type of activity that you are doing and the level of training. The most experienced and well-trained athletes and bodybuilders can face protein breakdown. When you consume the right amount of protein after a workout, it provides your body with the amino acids that it needs to repair and restore these proteins while producing new ones to build new muscle tissue.

Experts recommend you consume 0.14 to 0.23 grams of protein per pound of body weight after a workout and research also suggests that consuming 20 to 40 grams of proteins increases the body’s ability to recover after exercise. The best way to consume high protein is in the form of whey protein shake. It does not have many calories and this shake is quick and easy for the body to digest. Proteins help the body in recovering and building mass.

Grilled Chicken and Mixed Vegetables

Our body is in recovery mode after working out that means that you have to eat a meal that is rich in nutrients. Chicken has carbohydrates and lean protein that can fill up without any side effects that make us feeling bloated and adding vegetables to the side can give your body the needed fiber and vitamins.

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Having Hummus, Tuna, and Spinach on Whole Wheat Bread

This is the perfect sandwich for you if you do your exercise at lunchtime. Tuna is low in calories and high in carbs and proteins. Hummus is a better alternative to mustard or mayonnaise. It is high in fiber also. Spinach is one of the super greens that has tons of benefits such as controlling appetite, reducing inflammation, and lowering blood pressure as well.

Vegetable Omelet

Eggs are one of the best protein sources and help with both growth and muscle recovery. You can opt for vegetable omelet instead of meat or cheese-filled ones. Onions are a great option to add and they also increase testosterone naturally. Testosterone is ideal for post-workout and helps the muscles in recovering and keeping the fats away. Also, you can use some slices of avocadoes for garnishing for some fiber and monosaturated fats. Avocadoes are great at assisting your body in absorbing fat-soluble nutrients that are found in vegetables.

You should know that not all fats are bad. A common misconception is that eating fat after a workout slows down the digestion process and hinders the nutrient absorption process. Fat slows down the absorption of nutrients but does not lessen the benefits.

The Best Time to Eat your Post-Workout Meal 

As said earlier, the body’s natural ability to rebuilding protein levels and glycogen is improved after a workout. That’s why you have to consume an ideal combination of carbs and proteins as soon as you finish the exercise. Experts suggest eating your meal within 45 minutes of finishing any exercise. If you eat a meal before exercising, the benefits of that meal are going to apply after the training.

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