10 Foods That Make You Happy

Foods That Make You Happy

It takes little to be happy. The proof, happiness is even on our plates. After becoming aware of the threat of glutencarcinogenic red meat or excess sugar. It is time to talk about the foods that make you happy!

Numerous scientific studies have shown that specific foods, by their arrangement (fiber, essential fatty acids, amino acids, tryptophan, B vitamins, magnesium, potassium or selenium) could naturally influence our well-being.

How? ‘Or’ What? Our brain is made up of a majority of neurotransmitters. These are created by the nutrients we absorb. These neurotransmitters are often created at the cerebral level, but also at the level of the intestine – which is also called “the second brain” – what are these foods that make you happy?

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salmon is counted in foods which can make you happy
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Oily fish are rich in Omega 3 and fat. Omegas 3 helps us fight cardiovascular disease and maintain good cholesterol. This fatty acid also has proven effects on happiness. Depression would be less common in countries with high fish consumption than in countries without sea openings, such as Austria or Hungary.

Lipids, in turn, act on the secretion of melanin (the sleep hormone). A diet rich in lipid helps fight against sleep disorders. The richest Omega 3 fish are salmon, herring, mackerel or sardines. For better results consume it at least twice a week!

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate can boost your mood rapidly
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Good news, chocolate is one of the foods that make you happy! Cocoa in chocolate discharge dopamine and endorphin, hormones responsible for happiness. It is, therefore, a natural antidepressant aspect.

Even though these elements only exist in very small amounts in chocolate. The euphoric, happiness it gives us consistently approved. We suggest dark chocolate rich in cocoa whose glycemic index is very low and that does not make you fat. We recommend one or two squares of chocolate a day.



Bananas to make you happy
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The fruit of happiness par perfection not to be favored for a diet. However, it remains the No. 1 food for athletes. Banana is packed with vitamin B6 and magnesium. The sugar, it contains encourages the production of serotonin. Which acts as a relaxant and improves the emotional state. Perfect for the stressed ones!


Amazing health benefits of avocado for women
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Like banana, avocado has often been tagged as the richest and therefore least recommended food (about 260 calories per 100 grams). Today, we are satisfied with its assets on hypertension, cholesterol, and diabetes but also on morale!

Rich in tyrosine, it produces this neuromediators good for libido and sociability. It also contains magnesium, known for its anti-stress properties. In addition, it quickly brings a feeling of satiety. Why deprive yourself?


Tomato counted in foods which make you happy
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The tomato owes its beautiful red color to lycopene. This antioxidant substance sees its benefits, multiply during cooking. According to a Sino-Japanese study published in 2012, lycopene improves our well-being. Eating tomatoes two to six times a week would reduce the risk of depression by 46% compared to those who do not eat it. It is, of course, tasted in season. The rest of the year, the dried tomatoes remain a good alternative!

The Gherkin or Pickle

pickles can boost your mood
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The pickle is a “psychobiotic”. In other words, a probiotic that boosts mental health. Like sauerkraut and yogurt, it is a fermented food that causes serotonin and dopamine to be produced in the digestive tract.

It takes care of the intestinal flora and the intestinal fermentation. Which acts on the good mood, the memory and the good functioning of the brain. As you have been told, the intestine is the second brain!



saffron is counted in foods which can make you happy
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Considered as the spice of happiness in traditional oriental medicine. Saffron used to treat more than 90 diseases. It fights mild depression and eating disorders by regulating appetite and compulsive nibbling. This natural Prozac fights depression without causing the well-known side effects of the drug. So we spice our rice recipes generously of these orange pistils with countless benefits.

Almonds and nuts

50 Foods That Are Super Healthy Foods That Are Super Healthy

Oilseeds considered exceptional snacks in case of cravings between meals. They are rich in fiber, magnesium, and essential amino acids but also vitamin B6. This vitamin provides us energy, fight against fatigue and relieves stress.

We consume the Brazil nut without moderation. Very rich in selenium, it proves to be very effective against low morale, stress, and nervousness. Without a doubt one of the foods that make us happy that we prefer!


Red fruits

berries can boost your mood immediately
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Raspberries, currants, blueberries, blackberries, goji, black currants, cranberries, … Red fruits oxygenate the cells. Packed with vitamin C, minerals, fiber, and even fatty acids, they are packed with antioxidants. These slow down the premature aging of the cells and are valuable for proper brain function.


Buckwheat: foods which can make you happy
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Packed with amino acids, this black gold also has the dominance of not containing gluten. We do not skimp on Breton pancakes that we revisit to his sauce, up to three or four times a week!


Bottom Line:

Avocado, chocolate, banana, buckwheat, berries, almonds, nuts, tomatoes, saffron, pickles and salmon are the foods that can make you happy or can boost your mood.

Tell us in the comment box which of these foods makes you happy? 😀

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