vegetarian diet

How to eat healthy if you’re a vegetarian?

How to eat healthy if you’re a vegetarian People adopt a partially or completely vegetarian diet for many reasons. Perhaps you reduce your consumption of meat, seafood, dairy and/or eggs to improve your health, for ethical or religious reasons, to end the impact of livestock on the environment, to save…

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50 Foods That Are Super Healthy

50 Foods That Are Super Healthy

Foods That Are Super Healthy It’s really hard to know which foods are super healthy. A vast number of foods are both tasty and healthy. By filling your plate with quality protein, vegetables, fruits, and other whole foods, you’ll have meals that are versatile, colorful, and good for you. Here…

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low carb smoothie recipes

3 healthy low carb ketogenic smoothie list for breakfast

Can you have a low carb smoothie on keto? If you have decided to follow the ketogenic diet, then you should know that most fruits are off-limits. These food are typically high in carbohydrates which means high in sugar­. Founder of MTHR Nutrition, Carlyn Rosenblum says “ Most people eat…

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Food for babies and school age kids

Five food groups – Healthy food for school age kids

It is not hard to choose healthy food for your school-age kids. Just offer a range of foods from the five food groups to your kids and it will add the best nutrition for your kid’s development, growth, and learning. Please read this article also if you want to know…

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is celery juice good for you

Trendy Juice-is celery juice good for you?

Is Celery Juice Good For You? You, open your Instagram, and what you will see in most pictures? A trendy juice! Just search #celeryjuice on Instagram and you will see more than 40000 results of photos.  Celery juice, Is it even healthy? Is it worth? We will figure it out…

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