Celery oil – a magic remedy for age spots, depression and edema

Celery oil - a magic remedy for age spots, depression and edema

To whiten and remove age spots, you can use natural celery oil. The extract obtained from the seeds of the plant contains valuable substances, organic acids that nourish the skin. Saturate it with vitamins and minerals. It is part of the whitening masks and lotions, valued by cosmetologists for its mild effect.

Celery essential oil can be used internally. With diseases of the kidneys and the genitourinary system. It removes fluid, reduces swelling and inflammation [1]. Active substances affect the human nervous system, helping to cope with stress and depression.

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Useful properties of celery oil

In folk medicine, the plant is widely used in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Its roots and seeds contain a large amount of pectin’s, flavonoids and organic acids. They are easily absorbed by the body, give anti-inflammatory and tonic effect.

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Celery Oil is used in the treatment of the following diseases:

  • cystitis
  • kidney inflammation
  • thickening of bile
  • atherosclerosis
  • digestive disorders with gastritis, colitis
  • colds
  • arthritis

When using oil inside, the metabolism improves, the content of salts and toxins in the blood decreases. With colds and flu, it reduces aching in the bones, lowers the temperature. Women use a natural remedy for menstrual irregularities.

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Removing age spots with celery oil

Freckles and the appearance of dark spots on the skin are a common cosmetic problem. Instead of aggressive formulations and methods, try treating your skin with celery oil. It contains up to 70% limonene – a hydrocarbon with a mild whitening effect.

Apply oil in a thin layer 2 times a day, lightly massage the area with darkening. The epidermis brightens gradually without irritation and peeling. Add little funds to a cream or lotion to increase elasticity, improve complexion, get rid of dryness and premature wrinkles.

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Celery Oil for Stress

Celery Oil for Stress
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The plant extract contains a large amount of magnesium, B vitamins, selenium, chromium, tocopherol. They strengthen the nervous system, stimulate the brain. Light sedation relieves anxiety and depression. Use oil in the following situations:

  • elimination of anxiety, irritability
  • normalization of sleep
  • restoration of psychoemotional balance in neurosis, depression

To quickly fall asleep after a hard day, add a few drops of the product to the aroma lamp, apply on a pillow near the face. To relieve stress or fatigue, take a bath with celery oil and a relaxing massage of the active points. Substances penetrate the skin, act on certain centers of the brain, improving the emotional state.

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How to get rid of edema

In cosmetology and medicine, a natural remedy is used to remove excess fluid. Celery oil contains coumarins, pectins, and flavonoids that penetrate the skin and have a cleansing effect. For diseases of the kidneys, cardiovascular system and metabolic disorders, take the aromatic composition inside, add to salads.

To eliminate edema, mix celery oil with Spanish olive oil in a ratio of 1: 4, drink before meals 2 times a day. Continue the course for at least 10 days. To consolidate the effect, repeat the treatment after a month.

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Application Features and Precautions

Subject to dosage, celery oil rarely causes complications or side effects. Use the tool in different ways:

  • a few drops in the aroma lamp before bedtime (no more than 30 minutes)
  • add to the lotion for massage problem areas with cellulite
  • take a warm bath with sea salt and oil
  • apply soaked cotton pads to your temples

Do not forget that any natural oils have contraindications. After treating age spots, do not go outside: under the influence of sunlight, toxic compounds form in the upper layer, and allergies begin. Treatment with the drug is not recommended during pregnancy at any time, pancreatitis and acute inflammation of the kidneys.

Celery Oil is a unique product with a high content of vitamins and minerals. When used correctly, the product reduces pigmentation and sagging skin restores tone with cellulite. When combined with proper nutrition and an active lifestyle, it improves the excretion of excess fluid without medication.

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