child panic attacks

Anxiety or panic in children: How can it be overcome?

As an adult, every child is sometimes anxious for some reason and feels nervous. But in some children, anxiety or panic can have such an effect that their heart does not focus on what they usually feel happy about. But the latest research by UK-based Reading University professor Kathy Creswell…

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foods to eat during pregnancy

foods to eat during pregnancy : pregnancy super food salad

Foods to eat during pregnancy pregnant women need to ensure that their diet provides enough energy and nutrients for the baby to grow and develop properly. For a healthy pregnancy, the mother’s diet needs to be nutritious and balanced. This involves the right balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and…

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who we are - healthzigzag

Healthzigzag — who are we? About Us

Welcome to my playground Health Zigzaggers This is not only a healthcare panning blog, But I want to inspire all of you to create a bold, authentic, and rewarding life. HealthZigzag is created to help you make the right health decisions. we will cover here all sides of nutrition including…

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