Symptoms of cysts on the breasts

Symptoms of cysts on the breasts

Symptoms of cysts on the breasts

Not all lumps that appear on the breasts are carcinogenic. However, maintaining control of these bumps is very important if we want to ensure our health. Generally, small lumps of fluid may appear to block the mammary glands. Although most are usually benign. If you are a woman and you are between 20 and 50 years old, it is important that you begin to identify and control the appearance of these little balls. If you want to know what are the symptoms of cysts on the breasts, be sure to read the following article from Clear the doubts and learn to do self-exams to be able to detect and combat them quickly, and that is that your health comes first.

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What are cysts

The cysts, also known as fibrocystic conditions, are small lumps or bumps caused by various disorders that may develop mammary glands. Generally, they are a kind of mobile, round or oval sacs. Which contain liquid inside the breasts and are inflamed. These changes that occur in the breast are usually benign and are common in women sometimes in life. It is very common for these lumps to appear frequently during PMS. Since they are also usually the result of some momentary hormonal alteration. It is normal for them to appear between 20 and 50 years of age. Since the breast is more plastic and is in a period of growth (also during pregnancy).

Two types of alterations can occur fibrosis or cyst. The difference is that while the former is about tissue stiffness, the latter is comparable to a kind of fluid-filled bag. Both disorders cause a bulge in any area of ​​the breast that can be painful or stabbing. In addition to becoming a hypersensitive and slightly enlarged area.

It is important to keep in mind that when any lump appears in the chest, it is necessary to go to a doctor to determine a diagnosis and follow up, even if only as a precaution. However, you should know that a cyst will always be benign if it is only liquid. If you notice that the package has a solid part, the problem may be greater. [1]

Detect cysts in the breasts

Why do my breasts itch

A cyst can be detected due to the symptoms it presents or through palpation itself. Although it is always advisable to go to the doctor for more detailed examinations (physical examination, mammography, and even a biopsy to analyze it).

The cyst usually appears during premenstrual periods and can be of various sizes. Some are so small that they are almost invisible. Most commonly, you feel a more tender and painful area of ​​the chest than normal. If you feel with your own hands, you will probably notice a small ball. This swelling usually returns to normal after menstruation has passed.

These lumps usually measure between 2 and 3 centimeters and are normally characterized by being painless on palpation. It is advisable to carry out self-examinations of the breasts periodically to detect. If there has been any inflammation or an extraordinary lump has appeared.

Medical treatment for cysts on the breasts

Cysts do not require specific medical treatment but monitoring is necessary. In the event that the cystic area becomes larger, painful, and uncomfortable, the gynecologist can perform the liquid extraction through a small intervention or drainage. Which usually done with a small needle. Also, if the affected person wishes and the doctor agrees, the extraction of the benign lump can be performed, avoid greater ills.

To avoid the appearance of cysts on the breasts, you can try to reduce the consumption of caffeine, as well as chocolate and other stimulants such as soft drinks. Decrease the consumption of salt and increase the diuretic products in diets (such as artichokes or broccoli) to avoid increased fluid retention.

Remember to perform self-tests and medical exams as prevention. You should know that having cystic or fibrocystic sinuses does not increase the risk of developing cancer in the future. Published By

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