How To Have Sex During Pregnancy? : Ways and Risks

How To Have Sex During Pregnancy

How To Have Sex During Pregnancy? : Ways and Risks

If you are pregnant, you may be wondering if sex might be unsafe for you or the baby. Do not fear! Having sex is usually not dangerous during pregnancy. Although your body has changed, you can still have a sex life. Whether your first child or fourth, you can find a way to have satisfactory relationships. By putting yourself at ease, taking the essential precautions and resuming sexual activity after birth, you will be able to blossom sexually during this period.

Having Pleasant Sex:

Use a lot of lubricant during sex

 For more enjoyable sex during pregnancy, try an intimate lubricant. The hormonal upheavals due to pregnancy could cause you to be more or less naturally lubricated. To avoid pain during intercourse, use as much lubricant as needed to feel comfortable  [1].

  • You will be able to buy an intimate lubricant online, in a pharmacy or supermarket.
  • Look for a water-based product and avoid those containing dyes or fragrances, which could be irritating  [2].

Try lying on the side

 Lye down and ask your partner to come in from behind. Thanks to this position, you will not support your growing stomach and your body will be well supported while lying down  [3].

  • This position allows for shallower penetration, which is often more pleasant for pregnant women.

Try the positions where the woman is above

Climb on your partner, so you can control the speed and depth of penetration. By controlling the action, you will be able to determine what suits you best  [4].

Try the positions from behind

On all fours, ask your partner to penetrate you from behind. You can place a pillow or two under your belly, for more support  [5].

Use other forms of intimacy

 If the penetration is painful or scary, get closer to your partner through massage, masturbation, oral sex or other forms of sexual activity. To feel close to each other, you could also organize a special romantic evening at home, with candles, a movie and lots of hugs.

  • Communicate regularly with your partner to discuss how you feel and what you need to feel supported. You have every right not to want to make love.
  • You could say, “You know, my back hurts and I do not want to make love tonight. I know we talked about having a fulfilling intimate life. Can I give you a massage instead? I want you to feel special. “

Call your doctor

In case of disturbing symptoms, call your doctor. During pregnancy, it is normal to experience cramps during intercourse, especially during orgasm. However, if you notice persistent bleeding, fluid leakage or pain after intercourse, consult your doctor for a check-up. This will determine if you can continue to have safe sex for the rest of your pregnancy  [7].

Having safe sex during pregnancy:

Consult your doctor

If you are at risk, talk to your doctor. If you notice unexplained vaginal bleeding, and amniotic fluid leak from your vagina, if you are expecting more babies, or have had a premature birth, talk to your doctor. It could also diagnose a placenta previa, which means that the placenta obstructs the cervix. These conditions may make you more vulnerable to complications and it may be advisable to let your pelvic floor rest  [8]

Use condoms

If you have a new partner or are not monogamous, take precautions during your pregnancy, using condoms and dental dams. Bacterial and viral infections due to sexually transmitted diseases could affect your pregnancy and the development of your baby  [9].

Avoid lying flat on your back

Avoid lying on your back in the first and second trimesters. In this position, your swollen uterus presses on a main artery of the body, which could reduce blood supply to your baby and make you feel dizzy  [10].

Avoid sex during the third trimester of pregnancy

 If you have herpes, avoid sex during the third trimester. If your partner has cold sores (HSV1) or genital herpes (HSV2), try other forms of intimate sex. Herpes can cause neonatal herpes in the baby when a mother who has no antibodies is infected for the first time while she is pregnant. If herpes is a minor inconvenience to adults, it can be fatal in infants  [12].

  • People with oral herpes (cold sores) can transfer the virus to the genitals of their partner during an oral report, especially when they have active pimples. A pregnant woman shouldn’t have oral sex  [13].
  • If you and your partner have the same type of herpes, you may have safe vaginal or oral sex in the third trimester. If you do not know if you have ever had herpes, you can have a blood test  [14].

Having sex after childbirth:

Wait until your doctor gives you the green signal

 Whether you have a cesarean birth or vaginal birth, your doctor will examine you to make sure you do not have any complications before you can start a new sex life. This examination is usually done 6 weeks after the birth of the child. Depending on the progress of the examination, your doctor will give you or not, the green light for a resumption of sexual intercourse  [16].

  • In the meantime, you can use kisses, massages and mutual masturbation to be intimate with your partner.

Use a lot of lubricants

 Use an intimate water-based lubricant to make your postpartum reports more enjoyable. If you breastfeed your child, your body will produce little estrogen, which can cause vaginal dryness  [17].

  • If you have had a tear at the time of your child’s birth, the use of a lubricant will be especially recommended.

Use a method of contraception

 After giving birth, use condoms, a low-dose oral contraceptive, or another method of contraception recommended by your doctor. If some women take some time to ovulate again after giving birth, especially if they are breastfeeding, others will ovulate right away. If you prefer not to fall pregnant right away, you will need to take your precautions  [18].

  • Some hormonal pills combined are not recommended during breastfeeding because the hormones will pass into the milk. During your postpartum check-up, ask your doctor for the appropriate contraceptive options.


To get closer to your partner during your pregnancy, talk about your fears and problems.


If your doctor advises against having sex during pregnancy, follow his recommendations.

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