How To Get Disability Benefits for Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that encompasses several types of joint inflammation. The term is used to identify roughly 200 different conditions that affect joints and the tissues surrounding them. Causes of Arthritis Old age Wear and tear of a joint from overuse Obesity Autoimmune disorder Injury or infection Family genes…

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Ayurvedic treatment for chikungunya

Ayurvedic Treatment of Post Chikungunya Arthritis

Ayurvedic treatment for chikungunya Chikungunya is a viral infection that is transmitted by infected Aedes aegypti mosquito. This mosquito lies & lays eggs in stagnated water. A small bite from such a mosquito is sufficient for infection of chikungunya.  Chikungunya mainly causes due to Virus CHIKV & CHIKF. Symptoms of…

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