How to Claim Disability Benefits for Anxiety

Anxiety, often considered an invisible disability, comes in many forms and intensities. At times, it can be mild and easily managed, while at others it can be devastatingly crippling. Anxiety often brings with it uncontrollable feelings of tension, apprehension, alarm, or terror that can be triggered by everyday events. For…

Constipation during your pregnancy

Depression and anxiety during pregnancy and after childbirth

Depression and anxiety during pregnancy and after childbirth: frequently asked questions Depression and anxiety that appear during pregnancy or at any time during the first year after the birth of your baby are medical conditions. These feelings are not something you caused by doing or not doing something. And they…

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child panic attacks

Anxiety or panic in children: How can it be overcome?

As an adult, every child is sometimes anxious for some reason and feels nervous. But in some children, anxiety or panic can have such an effect that their heart does not focus on what they usually feel happy about. But the latest research by UK-based Reading University professor Kathy Creswell…

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