Stop Swabbing! How Earwax Protects Your Ears

Stop Swabbing! How Earwax Protects Your Ears

Stop Swabbing! How Earwax Protects Your Ears

Recent studies are asking us to stop swabbing. Yes, you read that right. Apparently, earwax is beneficial for our ears.

I do not know about others, but I start feeling an itch in my ears if I do not swab them with cotton buds every 3-4 days. Thanks to my Cox Internet specials, I spend a lot of time listening to songs on my mobile. Naturally, the wax sticks to the earplugs. I cannot imagine NOT cleaning my ears only to have an unpleasant sight of my earwax on the clean earplugs. But now I may have to stop.

Humans Ears- A self-Cleaning Machine

Studies show that human ears are efficient enough to clean their own selves. In fact, according to studies, the earwax is the cleaning solution that the ears use. The wax traps any dust or foreign particle entering the ear. Hence, preventing it from entering inside our ears or going deep into our ears. The dust particles cannot enter our ear canals if there is a protective layer called the earwax. Thus, preventing our eardrums from getting blocked.

Furthermore, our daily actions like yawning, talking and chewing move the wax away from the ear canal. Therefore, all we have to do is take a shower on a regular basis. If you use a swab, fork, a toothpick or any other object to clean your ears, it reverses your ears’ self-cleaning mechanism. In your struggle to clean your earwax using the products that you do, push the wax deeper into your ear. This can cause hearing loss as well.

Stop Swabbing! How Earwax Protects Your Ears
Earwax is good. Yes, it is. And swabbing the wax only causes more harm to our ears. Because you tend to reverse ears’ natural mechanism of cleaning itself. Health Zigzag Images

Ear Wax is Good

We call it gross, but the earwax is actually a good thing. Not only does this wax protect your ears from dust or any other foreign particles entering, but it also protects your ears against fungal infections. Apart from that, you also get to protect your ears against bacteria and viruses through your ear wax. Not only this, but the earwax helps in lubricating your ears as well.

If you get unlucky enough to have an insect enter your ear, the earwax can trap that too. See, the many advantages that your earwax has. And all your life you hated it. Actually, I did too.

Do Not Damage Your Hearing

Cleaning the earwax actually damages your ears. Stop doing that to yourself. As mentioned earlier, you slide some earwax deeper into your ears by swabbing them. This implies that you may have suffered from some kind of hearing loss. Or your hearing might not be perfect as it should have been. Well, you can get that checked by scheduling an appointment with your ear specialist and getting a checkup.

However, this does not mean that you should not get your earwax removed under any circumstance. At times, it so happens that people suffer from various ear related problems that ask of him to get the wax removed from a specialist. This especially holds true for people who wear the hearing aid. They should get their ears checked regularly.

Steer Clear of Injuries

Many people fail to understand that cleaning ears and cleaning teeth are two different things. Cleaning ears can cause injuries to the ears as well. Moreover, cleaning teeth is essential because the teeth can’t clean themselves. But the ears can. Therefore, you do not need to worry about cleaning the ears yourself. The parents, in particular, should be cautious about not cleaning their young kids’ ears. Because they can suffer from injuries.

Certain people inquire about the ear candling technique. Our advice: do not consider that either. The damage caused to your child’s ears in the developmental stages can prove to be very bad for him as he grows up. Moreover, ear candling can make matters worse for you or your kid. So, that option is not even on the table.

Alternative to Swabbing

If you are someone who cannot keep from cleaning his ears, you should rely on showering daily. If you want, you can clean your ears through the corner of your towel (it should be wet). However, swabbing is a complete NO. It will only make matters worse for you. Do not be someone who causes trouble for his own self. Above all, precaution is always better than treatment.

Moreover, do yourself a favor and avoid listening to songs via the earplugs. I switched to the Cox cable plan that offered more music channels. And now I catch all the latest hits on my TV. Because I have realized that I am damaging my ears by listening to songs through earplugs as well.

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