Responsibilities and Importance of a Veterinarian | Online Vet

Responsibilities and Importance of a Veterinarian | Online Vet

Responsibilities and Importance of a Veterinarian | Online Vet

What Is a Veterinarian?

The word “veterinary” is derived from the Latin veterinae which means “working with animals”. Veterinary medicine is also known as veterinary science. A medical specialization related to the identification, control, prevention, and cure of various diseases. It is a broad discipline that takes into an account-wide variety of medical conditions of animals. Including pets, zoos, avian or small animals, livestock, wild, and laboratory faunae.

A professional who specializes in veterinary science is known as veterinarian or more commonly as a vet.  The veterinary physician provides care to injured, diseased, and unhealthy non-human animals. The services offered by them are somewhat the same as a doctor who treats humans.  They are concerned with identifying or diagnosing, telling of necessary precautionary measures, researching, and providing treatments for various medical conditions related to animal illnesses. Mostly they run their private clinics but some of them also work for various agencies. Online Vets are also available. They provide online consultation to the public regarding the health of their pets.

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Different Services Offered By Veterinarians

The following are some of the different types of services that veterinarians offered or are qualified to perform.

Companion Animal Veterinarians

Companion animal veterinarians also are known as small animal veterinarians who cure domesticated animals or small animals. They provide care to the animals that are generally present in our home environment and schools that include dogs, birds, cats, rabbits, small reptiles, etc. According to statistics of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 75 percent of vets are companion animal veterinarians. These veterinarians diagnose, vaccinate, provide medications, perform surgeries, and fix fractures. Also, consult with the owners of animals and guide treating animals and giving immediate aid in homes in case of any mishap. They warned and educate the public about the infections that are spread by animals affecting the health of the public. They also perform some of the other responsibilities like assessing the well-being of the reproducing animals facilitating with birth deliveries and evaluating the dental fitness of animals.

Food Animal Veterinarians

These types of veterinarians concerned with animals that are used as a source of food. These animals include farm animals like sheep, cattle, and other livestock. They mostly spend their time on farms and ranches diagnosing infections, treating, and vaccinating against them. Moreover, they deliver instructions to the managers, owners, and workers of the farm. They instruct them about general hygiene, feeding, and breeding.

Aquatic Veterinarians

These practitioners deal with the health condition of marine or aquatic animals such as fish, turtles, crabs, sea lions, lobsters, jellyfish, octopus, and other sea mammals or wildlife. They are certified for treating and protecting aquatic species. They diagnose, prescribe medicines, and control various infections that are threatening marine life. Aquatic veterinarians spend their time mostly in fishery, zoo aquariums, etc. It is a challenging domain of work as you have to deal with the patients that are present inside the water with proper handling of medical equipment.

Avian Veterinarians

Avian veterinarians are certified for dealing with the air species. They specialized for the veterinary care of birds. They provide their amenities in poultry farms managing and providing care to the flock. Avian veterinarians instruct about feed, breeding problems, and egg or meat production. When any infection or disease outbreak in bird species they provide their expertise in controlling and giving care to avoid the spread of infection. Moreover, they also take care of the nutritional needs of the flock on farms.

Zoo Veterinarians

Zoo veterinarians offer their services in a zoo or dealing with large animals. They provide treatments to the population of the zoo. They specialized to handle the disease, infections, or injuries of large animals or non-domesticated wild creatures. Such as a lion, tiger, elephant, bear, deer, rhino, zebra and other mammals and reptiles.

Research Veterinarian

Research veterinarians are mainly concerned with the scientific and research field. They research various infections, viruses, and bacteria that can be threatening for animals. They invent new vaccines or treatments to deal with such viruses or bacteria. When any infection and disease outbreak they called to deal with that calamity.

Equine veterinarians

Equine veterinarians treat illnesses and injuries of horses. Their responsibilities include providing regular checkups, vaccination, and medications to the horses.

Food Safety and Inspection Veterinarians

These veterinarians work in farms and ranches and maintain checks and balances on edible products. They check eggs, meat, and milk of livestock to maintain standards. They make sure that these products are infections and germs free.

Why Do We Need Veterinary?

Veterinarians are a very important part of our society. They are the only ones that are not only concerned with the health of animals but also with the health of humans. They work very hard to maintain the health and wellness of animals.

Here are some of the most common problems for which people seek veterinary doctors.

Common veterinary problems:

Gastrointestinal problems

Mostly animals that brought to the clinics, mostly suffering from intestinal problems. It is common to find bacteria, fungi, and worms in dog and cat stool which are suffering from this condition. To avoid this condition vet often advise keeping check and balance on the diet of dogs and cats.

Zoonotic Diseases

Zoonotic diseases are also one of the causes for which we need a vet. These are the diseases that infect both humans and animals like tuberculosis, animal flu, bird flu, toxoplasmosis, etc.


Another reason to visit a vet is claudication. It is a medical condition characterized by immobilization of limbs due to pain. Blows, trauma, swollen joints, accident, injuries, and ligament deterioration are the main causes of claudication.

Hormonal Imbalances

Hypothyroidism, diabetes and adrenal gland syndrome in animals is also one of the causes for which we seek a vet.

Skin Disease

It is the most common veterinary problem. Dermatitis, itching, hair loss, allergies are some of the main skin diseases found in animals. Mites, fungi, and bacteria are agents of causing skin infections. Published By


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