Orange Juice for Health: 7 Advantages

Orange Juice for Health

Orange Juice for Health: 7 Advantages

We all know that orange juice is good for us. It has calcium, vitamin C, and plenty of other nutrients and vitamins we need to stay healthy and strong. But there might be a few positive effects on drinking a glass a day that you might not know about. HealthZigzag recommends you read another article which is about 10 Health Benefits Of Eating Oranges.

Introduction: There are no two ways about it: orange juice is just plain good and go for you. The health benefits of orange juice far outweigh the deficits. The bottom line is, if you drink some, every day, you will be healthier than if you don’t. Medical science has proven that.

Each 8-ounce glass of pure, not-from-concentrate, has your full daily dose of vitamin-c. And that applies using the best masticating juicer to make homemade orange juice, too. There is a caveat to the proper proportion each person should drink a day, though. Health professionals and nutritionists recommend consuming only one glass of OJ a day. The natural sweetness can metabolize as sugar in the bloodstream and potentially lead to certain forms of diabetes if you consume too much. There is no doubt that orange is packed with vitamin c. But we recommend you to read 10 Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin C also.

Why is orange juice good for you?

There are numerous health and cosmetic reasons why it might be time to add a glass to your daily vitamin ritual. Here are 7 ways it can help you stay fit and healthy:

Orange juice for fever

A fever is caused when the body raises its temperature to fight off sickness or infection. The vitamin-C in orange juice is a natural producer of flavonoids that promote a heightened immune response within the body.

Orange juice for diabetes

This is tricky, and you must know where your blood-sugar level is before deciding to drink a glass. It can benefit you if your blood sugar is low and is a healthy drink option over high-sugar sodas, but it is critical you only consume 4-ounces at a time, checking your blood sugar frequently.

Orange juice benefits for skin

Natural antioxidants in orange juice prevent the effects of aging, giving your skin a healthy, natural, and young glow. And, when combined with the vitamin-c in every sip, you also are protected from free radicals, another aspect of skin aging.


A diminished acidity in the urine allows minerals and chemicals to form kidney stones. A glass every day increases your body fluid acidity, potentially preventing kidney stone development.


Orange juice contains a plant-based substance that keeps the arteries free of clogs and protects the cells near the heart. A glass of orange juice can help with many heart disorders.


There are other substances in orange juice that have been scientifically proven in assisting the onset of certain cancers, like cancer of the skin, colon, and several others.

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It contains a natural amount of folate, which has been proven to maintain a healthy, full-term pregnancy.

Orange Juice for Health

There are many other benefits of drinking a delicious glass. For instance, the antioxidants can assist in weight loss, when coupled with a healthy diet and exercise.

While some people tend to shy away from the texture of pulp, the pulp in orange juice aids in digestive health. It also contains a significant amount of magnesium to assist with maintaining blood pressure. And it can help treat or even prevent upset stomach and intestines.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to drinking orange juice, and we would be remiss if we didn’t mention them. Such as, the acids can cause extreme flair ups if you suffer from acid reflux. Also, if you have type 2 diabetes where your blood-sugar is naturally high, a single glass of orange juice can send you into an insulin tailspin, which can be life-threatening. Know your health limitations before taking that first sip.

The Bottom Line

Orange juice is good for you, but there are some possible risks. If you love a nice, cool glass of orange juice when you have your breakfast, it is a good way to start a healthy day. But only drink one. While it does taste amazing, as we have discussed, there are deficits to overdoing it. Your health should never be risked because of over-indulgence. And if you don’t know if you should drink it, consult a medical professional or nutritionist before you even open the bottle. Has a glass a day changed your life in some way?

Author’s Bio: Rich loves orange juice, but like many, he tends to drink more than he should. Instead of drinking just one glass, he has devoured half a bottle throughout the day. After researching to write this article, he will take much better care in the future.

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