How to put on and take off gloves to avoid contagion by coronavirus

How to put on and take off gloves to avoid contagion by coronavirus

How to put on and take off gloves to avoid contagion by the coronavirus

Due to the spread of the coronavirus in the world, it is essential to know how to put on and take off gloves correctly, as well as to understand when they should be used. In this way, we protect ourselves and others.

Currently, the world is being affected by a pandemic caused by the coronavirus. This virus has a high contagion capacity. Therefore, to protect yourself, it is essential to know how to put on and take off the gloves and masks that are indicated on certain occasions.

Sanitary gloves are single-use products that are used to cover the hands. They act as a barrier, both to protect the wearer from possible contamination from the environment, and the reverse, preventing the person who uses them from transmitting the virus to others.

That is, the gloves protect by avoiding contact of the hands with any infectious agent. They are used especially for testing or caring for someone who is ill. For example, to draw blood or take a temperature.

However, for them to protect accurately, it is essential to know how to properly put on and take off gloves. Therefore, in this article, we explain how to use them to avoid contagion by a coronavirus.

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The first step before putting on and taking off gloves

To put on and take off the gloves correctly, it is essential to follow a series of steps. First of all, you must remove all accessories from your hands and wrists, such as rings, bracelets or watches. Also, it is recommended to have your nails well cut to avoid tearing.

Once this is done, you must proceed to wash your hands well. To do this, you must first get wet with water and add soap. Rub your hands together, emphasizing the fingers and the base of the fingers. Don’t forget to clean the back well and spread the wash towards the arm.

You should wash all the corners of the hand, both thumbs, and fingertips. If you have a disinfectant, made with alcohol, you can also use it. Once you have finished soaping, rinse with plenty of water.

After washing, it is important to dry with a single-use towel. If you have washed them with disinfectant, you can let your hands air dry on their own. After this, you can now put on your gloves.

The first step before putting on and taking off gloves


Putting on the gloves

The gloves are wrapped to preserve their sterility. Therefore, it is essential to follow the instructions for use when opening them. You should place them in a place that is also sterile. You should first stick a hand in, being careful not to touch the outside of the glove.

When you put your hand in the second glove, you can help yourself with the other one that is already covered. At all times you must be careful not to contaminate either of them.

What to do to take them off?

When removing gloves you have to be especially careful. If they are contaminated and the person carrying them touches them with their bare hands, they can become infected with the microorganism that is present.

First, you need to subtly pinch the glove on either hand. Remove it without touching the outside of the glove. You must throw it away with the hand that is still covered in the trash, preferably a site dedicated to medical waste on time.

To remove the second, you must introduce the fingers of your free hand inside the glove. So you can turn it around without touching the outside. Do the same as the previous one: throw it away so there is no risk of contamination.

It is essential not to contaminate the gloves while putting them on or taking them off; for this, there is the correct technique.

What to do to take them off?

The Bottom Line

Medical supplies are practically a privileged asset, especially in situations like this where everyone is concerned about the pandemic. The use of gloves or masks should be limited to situations where necessary.

Also, you should be aware of how to use them correctly. We must remember that the most important thing is proper hand hygiene. Similarly, you have to avoid contact with the outside of the gloves once you have worn them. Published By

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