How to lose weight with lemon

How to lose weight with lemon

How to lose weight with lemon

The lemon is one of the most popular to remove toxins from our body and help slimming ingredients. Just by taking a little lemon daily, you will get your body more purified and your metabolism accelerated to burn more fat.

We give you some tips on how to lose weight with lemon. Tricks that you can easily incorporate into your routine and whose results are visible in a very short time.

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The lemon to lose weight

Among the properties of lemon, there are some that are perfect to help us lose weight. Making our stomach deflate or helping to eliminate toxins are some of the most prominent effects of lemon. Below we detail them specifically:

Easy digestion: This ingredient helps the stomach to produce more gastric juices and, consequently, to make the breakdown of food faster and do not remain stored in the body. With lemon, the digestions are lighter and prevent gas or bloating in the stomach.

It works as a natural diuretic: Drinking lemon gets us to eliminate toxins from the body and prevents us from retaining fluids and, therefore, cellulite appears.

A satiating food: pectin and the fiber that lemon has are two components that make you feel satiated when you take it. In this sense, cooking with lemon or taking it during the day will reduce appetite without just eating calories.

The lemon in the diet

For all the properties that we have just detailed, the lemon is a perfect ally to help us lose weight. Healthzigzag recommends that this fruit be taken daily so that we can see the benefits of which we have spoken. Anyway, it should be noted that only with lemon you will not be able to lose weight. It is important that you complement this habit with healthy practices such as a low-fat diet and frequent exercise.

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To lose weight with lemon you can follow different routines that you can intersperse to avoid getting bored with this habit. Here are the different ways you can take lemon to lose weight so you can choose the one you like best:

Lemon tea

It is one of the ways to drink lemon throughout the day without noticing. Just upon waking, a lemon tea made with hot water and the juice squeezed from 1 lemon. Healthzigzag recommends, to eliminate more toxins, drink this drink just when you wake up, completely on an empty stomach.

If you do not like the taste of tea, you can add more water so that it only has a light touch of lemon. You can also add some stevia or sweetener to make the taste more pleasant.

Season your meals with lemon

Another recommended way to add lemon to your routine is to change the oil for the lemon juice. Although it seems difficult, it is possible to cook without oil and replace it with lemon. A much healthier dressing and completely indicated to lose weight. In addition, your recipes will be tastier.

You can try, for example, dressing for your green salad with a stream of natural lemon and a pinch of salt. You can also make your chicken breast with lemon and a little oregano or your baked hake accompanied by lemon. It is a very healthy way to cook your dishes by reducing oil fat and benefitting from the slimming principles of lemon.

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Lemon juice

Another very healthy and recommended alternative to lose weight is to drink lemon juice at some times of the day. To do so, you only have to squeeze one or two lemons (depending on the amount of juice each one extracts) and add a little stevia or sweetener to improve the flavor. The honey is also a good ally you can add to the juice to make it sweeter and with a creamier texture.

Lemon juice can be taken during snack time to satisfy you and make you not arrive at dinner very hungry. Another recommended option is to drink the juice before each meal. In this way, you will be able to sit at the table with less hunger than normal and thus reduce the amount of food that you were going to eat.

Healthy life

As we already told you, it is not only important to take the lemon to lose weight because, if you want to lose weight you will have to maximize your diet and your exercise practice to make the results visible both outside and inside. Some basic tips that we give you in a How to help you move into a healthier life:

Take 5 meals a day: in this way, you will speed up your metabolism and you will not be so hungry in the main meals.

Drink about 2 liters of water a day: you will eliminate toxins and contribute to the retention of liquids disappear from your body.

Bet on light recipes: cook with little oil, try to make grilled, steamed or baked meals and, thus, you will make your dishes healthier.

Control the amounts: to avoid eating too much, a trick is to drink some liquid as an entree that will help you control the urge to eat. For example, drinking a cup of vegetable broth, cream of vegetables or lemon juice will make you get to the main dish with less hunger.

During dinner avoid hydrates and high-fat meals: bet on eating vegetables and/or proteins late in the day.

Perform exercise at least 3 times a week to burn calories and maintain strong and active health.

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