How To Get Rid Of Blind Pimples?

How to get rid of blind pimples?

How to get rid of blind pimples?

Although they are commonly known as ‘blind’ grains, in reality, they are cystic or internal grains. Here we tell you more about them and how to treat them.

Blind pimples are those that cause a great inflammation of the skin and, therefore, redness and discomfort [1]. These are inflamed pores that, unlike pimples, are more difficult to remove.

How to get rid of blind pimples?
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The first thing to do when you have one or several blind grains is not to squeeze the area. This action could be extremely counterproductive since it could make the pimples swell even more and the infection is more serious.

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Treatment for blind pimples

1. Wash the face

To begin the treatment of blind pimples it is essential to wash the face with water and a good antibacterial soap. This will eliminate all kinds of external dirt on the skin, such as sweat, excess fat and even certain bacteria.

2. Take advantage of the steam for blind pimples treatment

To help the pore open and form ahead in the grain, the best thing to do is take advantage of the steam from the hot water. It can be obtained by placing a pot of boiling water, which we will approach the face at a safe distance, with a towel placed on our heads to maximize the « sauna « effect.

You can also open the pore with the help of a vaporizer. In general, aesthetic and dermatological centers offer, within their cleaning service, the use of this device that throws hot steam to the face for a certain time.

Another way to help the formation of a head in the grain is to apply a hot compress on the skin. It should be noted that, do not rush to get good results.

It is preferable to apply, progressively, short heat and steam sessions than to try to speed up the process and achieve only the abuse of the skin.

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3. Perform an exfoliation

Once the head of the grain is well-formed, it should not be squeezed to come out. With the help of steam, it should come out on its own. Of course, the cleaning of the waste should be done just the pore super, since this will prevent it from clogging again.

Once the pore has been cleaned, you can proceed to perform a gentle exfoliation. This will help eliminate impurities and dead skin cells.

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4. Apply baking soda for blind pimples treatment

Did you know that sodium bicarbonate is one of the most effective remedies to end blind grains? This compound absorbs excess oil and helps remove dirt from the skin.

For this, all you have to do is form a paste, with equal parts of baking soda and water, and then spread it over the affected area. Once applied, leave it there for about 20 minutes and then, remove it with warm water.

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5. Put on an ice pack

Once the blind pimples are removed, apply an ice pack to help fight inflammation. Remember to wrap the compress in a cloth or thin cloth to prevent the skin from burning with contact.

It is recommended to apply the ice pack for about 10 minutes, then rest for about 20 minutes before reapplying it on the blind grains. In this way, we will avoid overexposing the area to the cold.

Mask for blind pimples

The following mask is very favorable for refreshing, cleaning and moisturizing the skin deeply. By containing tea tree oil, a powerful antibacterial, this mask helps fight excess fat and, therefore, impurities. To prepare it you will need the following:


  • ½ cucumber
  • ¼ cup chopped cilantro
  • 2 tablespoons tea tree oil
  • Freshwater (sufficient quantity).


  1. Wash and slice the half cucumber.
  2. Next, place the cucumber slices in the blender along with some freshwater. Also, add 2 tablespoons of tea tree oil and cilantro.
  3. Blend everything for a couple of minutes until you get a kind of homogeneous paste, without lumps.
  4. Pour the pasta into a jar and reach the refrigerator for about 1 hour.
  5. Apply directly to the skin and let it act for 20 minutes.
  6. Rinse with antibacterial soap and cold water.

Go to your dermatologist

If you have one or several blind pimples that do not give in with this treatment, it is recommended that you go to your dermatologist for a more thorough evaluation.

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