If Your Cat Is Older, These Are The Most Common Diseases That Can Occur

diseases in cat

Two years ago the oldest cat in the world died. His name was Nutmeg and he was of British origin. He was 32 years old. However, your case is completely isolated. The maximum age of the felines is usually 15 years. And, although on many occasions you can avoid certain diseases with vaccination or visits to the veterinarian. Others will not only depend on the care you decide to give your pet. An inevitable fact, because old age is a biological process that involves the appearance of degenerative conditions that you must be aware of so that your pet has the best possible quality of life. However, not everyone knows what they are, reasons why we retaliate below A list of the most common.

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Loss of mobility

Age will cause some joints to hurt and even to suffer from arthritis. A strong discomfort that will cause you to not make movements that were common in it and that, also, can lead to it being irritated or irascible. [1]

Hearing loss

A problem that the owner can detect with some signs. For example, if the cat seems disoriented, if it is stressed, its meowing is too high or if it suddenly becomes frightened. Anyway, you should go to the veterinarian so that he is the one who makes a reliable diagnosis. [2]

Loss of vision

This disease can be noticed if you notice distrustful when there is low light or when it starts to collide with certain objects. Among the most repeated causes of blindness are diabetes, retinal lesions or cataracts.

Kidney disease

Appears when the functioning of the kidneys is not adequate. They cannot filter toxic substances from the blood. Usually appear after 8 years, although there are two types. The acute does not depend on age and occurs in record time (hours or days) and the chronic lasts months or years. The symptoms? Loss of appetite, diarrhea, and vomiting, among others.


It is the second cause that causes more deaths in felines. In fact, according to some surveys, it has been estimated that one in five may suffer from this disease. But what are the most common? Feline lymphoma, breast carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma or fibrosarcoma are the most frequent. Some of them are unavoidable, but others can be avoided with vaccination, castration or simply knowing the symptoms to detect them at an early stage.


One of the possible consequences when it is sterilized. It is closely linked to other ailments and, according to the Association for the Prevention of Pet Obesity, affects approximately 60% of cats. However, sometimes it is only an effect of other diseases such as diabetes, acromegaly (overproduction of growth hormone) or osteoarthritis (joint disorder).

The Bottom Line

At certain ages, our cats change, but we must try that none of them go unnoticed. And, above all, consult with experts so that they are responsible for making a diagnosis, thus being prevented from any situation.

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