Cat Care Tips for a Healthy Cat and Relationship

Cat care tips

There is a popular saying, “Dogs have masters, cats have slaves.” Anyone who has ever adopted a cat will be able to confirm the integrity of that statement. Cats rule the roost with an iron paw. And everyone, from the family dog to the smallest child, understands that. With the right cat care tips, you will not only ensure its health but improve your relationship as well.

Cats can be benevolent rulers when they feel like it. Unfortunately, they can also be furry tyrants. They love having their tummies scratched, but woe betides you if you accidentally activate the kill switch. Just remember, cats make the rules – if you break the rules, expect to be punished.

Unfortunately, this has led some people to believe that cats are not suitable pets. The truth is, cats can be outstanding pets if you know how to handle them. In this post, we look at how you can improve your relationship with your cat, how to ensure it is healthy, and other fun facts about your feline friend with this Cat Facts Infographic.

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Feed Them Properly

take care of the diet of your cat if you want to keep them healthy

Dogs love you because you are you. Cats require more work. Make sure that you are their primary food-giver, and you have their attention. Make sure you give them the best possible food you can find to keep them healthy and fit.

It is also important that the cat has plenty of clean water to drink. Keep their food and water dishes in a clean area, away from their litter box, and food is adjusted following their health.

Several health issues could come from improper feeding of your kitty. Among them, liver disease is very common and can easily be spotted if you are familiar with your pet’s routine.

Make Time for Your Cat

Make Time for Your Cat

Many owners make the mistake of ignoring the cat when they are busy. Cats appear to be solitary creatures. They may hunt alone and appear aloof, but they need interaction as much as any other animal.

If you have a young, energetic cat, it is essential to play with her. Choose games that mimic the hunting she would naturally perform. She needs an outlet to keep her skills sharp and to work off excess energy.

Nine out of ten cats are destructive when they are bored. Keep boredom at bay, and she will become a lovely pussycat. Furthermore, even though they like to lounge and sleep, the key to a healthy kitty is giving them plenty of exercises as well.

Training a Cat is Different

People assume that cats cannot be trained. That is untrue, but they do require patience and love. If you punish your cat, she will not trust you. That will ruin the relationship.

Instead, take heed of our cat care tips and reward her when she does something right and gently correct her if she does something wrong. This could be crucial in keeping them safe.

Watch Their Body Language

Cats communicate a lot with a swish of their tails, or even just a look. Recognizing this behavior helps you understand your cat better. Their body language will not only give away their mood but as cats tend to try and hide if something is hurting them, it can give you better insight into health issues and potential problems.

The Death Stare

Do you love to stare lovingly into your cat’s eyes? In the animal world, staring is never a good thing. Predators do not break eye contact with their prey. By staring at your cat, you are telling her that she is your prey. Instead, stare into her eyes, and then slowly blink a few times.

This says to her, “I trust you enough to take my eyes off you.” She will reciprocate after a few tries.

Your cat’s tail is an excellent indicator of her mood. Your cat, if she holds it high, she wants to make friends. If her tail is low, she is in a bad mood. If she is whipping her tail, she is highly irritated, and you should steer clear.

Final Notes

Each cat is an individual. You will need to spend time with them to crack the kitty code. Take the time, and you will build a strong and loving relationship with your kitty. The added benefit to a better relationship is that it will be easier to catch any changes in their behavior that could be triggered by underlying health problems.

With that said, by following the above cat care tips you will not only be able to observe any changes in its health but improve your relationship along the way.

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