Can dogs eat fish?

Can dogs eat fish?

Can dogs eat fish?

The feeding of your pet is one of the most important things that you must take into account since its health will depend to a great extent on it. The most frequent doubts arise when it comes to giving “human food” to dogs, such as leftovers from dinner or lunch. The reality is that dogs can eat a wide variety of these foods, such as meat and some fish, and even certain fruits, such as watermelon. In addition, you can read also about 10 human foods which your dogs can eat also.

If you’ve ever doubted ” can dog eat fish? ” Read on because this one Healthzigzag article is dedicated to explaining everything about this dog food. We talk to you both about what fish they can eat, how to give it to them. Also, about a couple of delicious recipes that you can easily prepare at home.

Can dogs eat fish? – the answer

The answer to whether dogs can eat fish is YES. What’s more, this food provides many benefits to your body. Since it is a very good source of protein and is also low in saturated fat. Some benefits of fish for dogs are the strengthening of your dog’s immune system. And improvement of the coat, skin, and joints, as well as being a good source of iron.

In addition, dogs love seafood and other foods from the sea, such as prawns, clams, mussels, crabs, squid, octopus, and a variety of sea fish for its delicious flavor and everything it provides. Its Instinct tells them that they can eat these foods if they are found in nature. However, you have to be careful with these types of fish, later we will explain why.

On the other hand, there are fish that provide more vitamins and benefits to your dog than others and that you can include in your diet more often, but never every day. The white and blue fish bring many benefits to your dog. All you have to keep in mind is that bluefish have higher caloric intake than whites, but they are foods rich in omega 3. So, for example, if you want your dog to lose weight is advised to offer white fish instead of bluefish.

Can dogs eat fish? – list

Although dogs can eat various types of fish, the most recommended for their diet are the following:

  • Hake
  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Sardines
  • Mackerel
  • Herring

If you have ever wondered if dogs can eat raw fish, the answer is yes. But it is recommended to offer it to the already cooked due to the fact that raw fish can be a source of bacteria and parasites that could invade your dog’s organism. If you choose to offer it raw due to a recommended diet, make sure that they come from a place where they have passed a veterinary and previous health review and are of quality, that it is qualified as suitable for human consumption.

Can dogs eat seafood?

As we mentioned before, dogs can eat shellfish but in very small amounts and once every long time [1]. Since some provide too many calories and some nutrients in high amounts that your dog probably does not digest well in these amounts. So they could Diarrhea, vomiting, or other gastrointestinal problems appear. Thus, it is not recommended to include these foods regularly in your dog’s diet. But you can give them as a sporadic prize because they will surely love them for their taste.

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Can dogs eat squid?

Dogs can also eat squid, as they are a source of zinc, iron, and calcium, although they provide plenty of cholesterol. If you are going to give this type of food to your dog you should know that it is not recommended to give it regularly. It is better sporadically and under no circumstances, raw or fried, always cooked or grilled. It is also important that you remove the skin and the thread that usually remains since it can cause your friend to choke easily. [2]

Can dogs eat tuna?

Tuna is one of the most recommended bluefish for dogs and you can offer it undercooked or canned. If you want to give your furry canned tuna intended for human consumption, make sure that it is in olive or sunflower oil and without added substances, always natural.

To give this food to your dog, remove as much oil as possible. Add it to your feed or usual wet or homemade food, and mix it. So it is good to give tuna to the dogs, but it is better that you do not give it to them daily. Always remember to alternate different types of fish and many other foods so that the meals are not repetitive and also offer them as prizes.

This fish is rich in omega 3 and omega 6. Tuna can prevent cardiovascular problems, provides shine, and improves the quality of the hair, as well as the skin. Also having unsaturated fats can help regulate your dog’s cholesterol. It also has anti-inflammatory properties so it helps control problems like canine arthritis. In fact, in cases of diseases of this type, some veterinarians and dog keepers choose to give tuna oil for dogs as a food supplement. [3]

Can dogs eat cod?

Cod is also one of the most recommended fish for dogs since being a type of white fish can provide many benefits to your furry. It has a low caloric content, so it is usually the fish of choice for your dog to lose weight. It also provides vitamins of type B and A. And it is a source of minerals that your dog needs daily, among which phosphorus and calcium. It also protects the bones and prevents problems in these structures.

In cod liver oil for dogs, we find a wide variety of properties, such as the contribution of vitamins A and D. This strengthens the immune system, also helps in the growth of muscles and bones, and favors the proper functioning of the senses. Thanks to all these properties it is the fish of choice also for older dogs.

How to feed my dog

As you can see, fish has many benefits that your dog can take advantage of, and, in fact, many feeds include this food. The reality is that the most used fish for the diet of both puppies and older dogs is salmon. Since it strengthens their immune system, as well as being rich in the nutrients EPA and DHA. This improves the functioning of the retinas. and the brain. Here we explain how to feed your dog :

  • As we have said before, it is better to offer your dog cooked fish to avoid any type of problem. But Healthzigzag recommends that it is always fresh fish but previously frozen for a certain time to ensure that some parasite problem is avoided, as some still remain after cooking, but they do die when frozen.
  • It must be cooked on the grill or boiled, never fried, battered, or adding any sauce.
  • Raw fish maintains all its properties and is given to dogs that follow raw food diets such as BARF or ACBA, but it is really worth at least sealing them on the grill. In fact, it is recommended not to exceed 70 degrees when cooking in order to leave it little done and that your dog can take full advantage of its benefits, to achieve this, you must observe that it is sealed externally but a little raw internally when cooking.
  • You can also offer your furry natural cans of fish that they sell in pet shops or cans for humans, always natural, like tuna in brine.

What Else?

  • Also make sure to remove all the spines, as they can get stuck in your friend’s mouth or esophagus and cause problems. Also, the fish does not have to have added salt, oils, or sauces.
  • Keep in mind that before giving your dog the fish, you should give it a few small pieces over several days to see if it suits him and to make sure that he is not allergic. If you notice that he vomits, that he has diarrhea or that he is allergic to the skin, do not give him more of that specific type of fish and try another. Although in a few cases, this happens. If it has not been bad for you, go including it little by little in your diet, you can offer salmon one day, after two days a little tuna, four days some hake and so on.
  • You can give him directly the fish you want or mix it with his homemade food or with some feed. There are also some fish recipes for dogs, such as tuna biscuits for dogs that are very healthy and you will surely love them.

Tuna biscuits for dogs – easy recipe

Tuna biscuits for dogs - easy recipe

Do you want to know how to prepare tuna biscuits for dogs? This is a very cheap and easy recipe to make. You will need these ingredients and follow these steps:


  • Natural tuna.
  • 1 cup of flour, preferably rice.
  • Parmesan.
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 small tablespoon of garlic powder

Preparation of tuna biscuits for dogs

  • Crumble the tuna, the amount depends on how many cookies you are going to make. Keep in mind that two half slices are a good amount for this recipe.
  • Add the flour, eggs, garlic, and a little water.
  • Mix everything until a compact dough formed.
  • You can put the cheese you want, without exceeding yourself, with a little is enough.
  • Once you have the compact dough, knead it and roll it out.
  • Then cut it as you wish to create the cookies, you can use the mold to make it smell or bone.
  • Sprinkle flour on a tray and place them on top.
  • Put them in the oven, checking that the temperature does not exceed 180 degrees and leave them for 15 minutes.
  • After these minutes, leave them inside with the oven turned off so that they rest for a few more minutes. And ready!

Remember to offer these cookies to your dog from time to time as a prize, not as a regular meal.

Tuna rice for dogs – a delicious recipe

Another recipe that your dog will love is rice with tuna, very easy to prepare as well, to do so follow these instructions below.


  • 1 pot of water.
  • 100 g of white or brown rice.
  • 1 slice of tuna.
  • One carrot
  • 1 egg.

Preparation of rice with tuna for dogs

  • First, prepare the rice. For this, you will need 100 grams of rice, a little tuna (1 slice), and, if you wish, you can add 2 carrots and 1 egg. This way you will be provided in this recipe many of the vitamins that your dog needs.
  • Boil the rice for 20 minutes and in the meantime, you can clean and peel the carrot and egg.
  • 10 minutes after you have started to boil rice, add the other ingredients if you wish.
  • 20 minutes after you started boiling the rice, strain the water, put it on a plate and mix it.
  • To prepare the tuna, it will be enough to grill it with the intention. It is done on the outside and a little raw on the inside.
  • Finally, cut them into pieces and add it to the rice.

If you observe that some type of fish produces allergies or gastrointestinal problems for your dog, go to your vet. As he/she will indicate what foods you can offer him to provide him with all the nutrients and vitamins he needs to carry out his vital functions.

So, if you were wondering ” is tuna good for dogs? “, You already have the answer. Not only good, but you can also create recipes that your friend will love. Remember to offer them combined with many others to give him a diet varied.

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